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I have a secret navel piercing!

I finally got my first non-ear lobe piercing, 4 weeks ago today. I had been thinking about getting it done for a while, as I would like to experiment with piercings. There was one large obstacle to overcome first though: my mother. I could either: 1) ask her and listen to her say no and how un-natural piercings are, or 2) get my dad to take me and don't ever tell my mum about it. Obviously i opted for the latter. So, I finally decided one week that the following saturday would be THE day I get pierced! I decided to get it done at hedonism becasue i know 2 people who had their's done there, and everything went well, and also they really seem to know what they are doing. So, I asked my dad, and he said sure, but he couldn't take me as he was working, so his girlfriend ended up taking me. Walking in there, I was so nervous and panicky, about whether it was going to hurt, what if something goes wrong? etc etc. And my nerves got even worse when i signed a contract thing saying something along the lines of "I fully understand that there is no formal training involved for piercing therefore I fully trust the piercer" But, walking in to the room where I was about to be pierced, a lot of my fears went away. It looked so clean and clinical in there. So I lay on this chair thing, and the piercer cleaned the navel area, and sprayed it with a anaesthetic spray, which was COLD. Then he told me to relax and he got to work. I was just staring at the ceiling, very afraid, He said "its not that bad is it?" and i said "I'll tell you when i am pierced" and he said "you are pierced" I was amazed i didnt feel it! Then he put the ring in, and I felt a small tug, but no pain at all. I was told to keep it covered up for a week to prevent any reactions off clothes, perfume etc, and to clean it with witch hazel twice a day. Then I stood up to go, and it felt so weird, this piece of metal in my stomach. No pain, but I was afaraid to fully stand up straight in case it ripped or something! (silly I know!) So I was walking round looking stupid for a few hours. Well I followed all cleaning instructions and kept it covered up the first week, and after a few days it started to go really scabby. I couldnt belive how horrible it was looking, my lovely new navel ring (which by the way was a 10mm piercing done with a ball closure ring) It stayed like this for a couple of weeks and i was afraid it would look like that forvever, but it is slowly staring to look better. I guess it's just waiting. It still looks pink and sore, but the only pain I have experienced with it is when I tried to rotate it without soaking it first, and it KILLED! I definitely don't recomend trying it unless you like pain. I was told I can change it after 6 weeks but I think I'll leave it a while longer, as my skin seems to take a long time to heal. I can't wait to change it to a plain silver bar. I got it pierced with a ring because I was told there is less chance of infection with it, as you can rotate it and clean all the inside of the piercing. I was so happy with the minimal, almost non-existent pain I experienced, that I went back to hedonism 2 weeks later and got a "pinna" (as it is apparently called) in my cartlidge, and was I happy with that? NO! It hurt like hell, still does, and that was 2 weeks ago, I don't recomend that, iy's always going red when i touch it, i cant sleep on my left side anymore, my mum went crazy at me for it and someone flicked it yesterday which didn't help. Oh and it also bled loads the first few days (which I am sure isn't normal!) I may just be a wimp, but it really has caused me a lot of pain, and I have to cover it up with a plaster for school and it hurts when I take it off. Oh I know I'm moaning and I'm not trying to put anyone off, if you really want it done go for it, but if anything go for the navel. Well I think I'm just about done, I'd love to hear from anyone who's been or is thinking of getting pierced. Ok well good luck if u r getting pierced! Bye bye!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Not+sure
Studio: Hedonism
Location: Staffordshire%2C+England

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