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Amethyst Wish

l I have been a fan of bodypiercing since I was like 8 and I had been begging my mum since that age about getting my navel pierced.I'd tried fake rings which I'd always lose and I was gettin pretty pissed off with my mum continuously saying "no".She thought they were pretty and attractive and yet she wouldn't let me get one.I told her she was contradicting herself and asked if she's let me get one for Christmas seeing as tho it was gunna cost like $95 so she went around asking people who had had theirs done whether it hurt and if it was safe and where they got it done and stuff.She got a lot of negative feedback but I was annoying the crap outta her so she found a good clean body piercing studio and told me i could get one for Christmas....I was 14 by this time.So we went a few months before Christmas...booked a date,got all the details and I chose the ring I wanted..a silver ring with an small amethyst stone...really pretty and feminine.So December 11th I took the day off school and we caught the train to the city.On the train a cupple of policemen asked why I wasnt at school and mum told em I was going to get my belly button pierced and they told me I was a brave girl and my mum and him got in2 a conversation bout bodypiercing.Nice policeman he was. At Polymorph I read through the booklet of instructions,chose my ring (my dream one) and a really nice girl named Luna (I was also in love with her name) and she took me in2 the room and cleaned my navel really good (this actually hurt quite a bit) and then she asked me where i would like the piercing and I said right in the middle of my navel.She told me she would hafta pierce it deep since I was so young and it was possible that I would grow outta it.Then she told me to lie down on what looked like a dental chair.My mum was cringing and gripping my hand and I shut my eyes really tight and looked at the ceiling.Luna counted to three and went straight through with the needle.I was surprised cuz it just felt like a sharp sting and i didnt even feel her insert the jewellery.When I looked down there was blood all over my stomach and I panicked and asked if this was normal.Luna just said I was a bleeder and it would be okay and I would just hafta keep a patch on it for awhile.So we payed and Luna gave me all the cleaning stuff and I was hella happy and my mum was tellin me it was heepz pretty despite all the blood.I so wanted to look but I didnt wanna take the patch off for fear of germs gettin to the piercing. So we walked down in2 the city to do a bit of shopping..I was walking like I had a pole up my ass and mum was pretty embarrassed.I was a bit afraid to breathe actually. About 4 hrs later we were in a surf shop and I went to try a top on and in the change room I lifted my arms and I felt blood splurt out of the piercing (yesh lovely I know).I looked down and the piercing was absolutely drenched with blood and was bleeding through so there I was half naked,pale and not breathing properly. I managed to get dressed,we walked outta the shop and I sat down as mum rang the bodypiercing studio panicking about what to do and Luna told me to stay calm and go to a chemist clean it up and put another patch on it.I was draped over the seat looking like a heroin addict and mum ordered me to get up and walk with her to the chemist.So we walked in2 the chemist and my mum says to the lady "we have a bit of a problem,my daughter has just had her belly pierced and itz bleeding severly".I lifted my singlet and one of the girls behind the counter ran to throw up and Im just like great.Then all these people crowded around me going O mi god she is losing too much blood..then people who had had belly ringz started to tell my mum they were a hassle and my mum was screaming "what hav u got urself in2?!!!" etc etc etc i was fucked up jus saying "shut the fuck up to every1 around me". I got a cupple of tissues,managed to clean up most of the blood.Yes the blood had clotted too which made it a much worse sight and I managed to put another patch on it.The stupid bitches at the chemist made me pay for all the stuff I used...hey man I was practically dying and I'm meant to pay!!?? Anyway I was still worried so we caught the bus back to Polymorph.Yesh an old lady even offered me her seat on the bus cuz I looked like I was gunna faint and mum had 2 practically carry me up the stairs of the body piercing studio and Luna cleaned it all up properly for me and said not to worry it would be fine. When I got home and told my story dad called me a dickhead and my bro told me I was stupid and I got various comments from others about being spoilt and a fuckhead but I didnt care. I had trouble sleeping for a few days since I had 2 lay so stiff.But mostly itz been cool. Alot of people think itz stupid but the same amount rekkon it looks kool so im pretty happy.Ive been neglecting it tho a bit lately and itz been giving me the shitz but I dont regret getting it done. Now I jus gotta work on mum letting me get my tongue and nose pierced.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Luna
Studio: Polymorph
Location: Sydney+Australia

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