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Got the top, The bottom was a must!

I stand, about a year later after I got my first navel ring, I tell myself, "This looks to bare, I want another." So my next mission was to add another ring to my navel, I will just get one on the bottom. I had asked my parents if I could do the botton of my navel pierced, and they were not too happy about it. I told them that if i was too earn the money that I should be able to get it done. Then my parents said that once I turned 17 I could. Then I added that my best friend wanted it done for her birthday and her Birthday is one month before mine, so if she came down, I could just get it done with her. My parents went for the idea. This was an easy task from there on. So we decided to go down to Animated Canvas, where we seen Craig Tidwell, great guy. I had known Craig before, from a friend. We had went down to Animated Canvas and some friends got there tattoo's, and I got a bigger gage in my ears. Craig makes you feel comfortable right off the bat. He just mearly went over what was going to happen and how it was going to be done. Any questions that I had, he was there to answer. We decided that she would go first, she had decided to go with the ring I had first went with. She went through with the piercing and said it did not hurt. Now was the time my stomach started doing flips. Even though, I had the top done, I was still scared. Then the biggest question came about... I had asked Craig if it was going to hurt and he replied sarcastically, "It's gonna feel nice." My best friend thought it was funny and just laughed, what a best friend :) "Great," I thought, "it's gonna hurt." I had picked out a 12 gage CBR, and we went on our way. He told me to lie down and unbutton my pants and fold them under, to tuck my shirt under my bra, and stand up straight. He cleaned all around my navel and that's when I got more nervous. After that, he took out a marker and made the marks. He made them directly lined up with the holes of the top of my navel, so after it healed I could place a longer barbell into both of them. He then placed on the clamps, (might i add they hurt more than than others did) and told me to lie down. He gave me a little talk and told me to take a few deep breathes. Then instructed, while he was counting to three to take a deep breathe, while counting back down, to let it out. So as he reached three, my deep breathe was there and as he continues back down, my breathe released and the needle went through. I gripped the plastic bed and murmumered some unmentionable words as it went through. I had known it was going to hurt a lot more than my first, considering it was a bigger gage. He told me to just breathe deep, and asked if I was feeling good. I told him I was fine and he instructed me that I could get up.I looked down and the ball was on and all was good. It was very red, but I was really happy. Afterwords it just burned, no sharp pains. I got up and looked in the mirror. It looked very nice, I was and still am loving it. He gave me some instructions to clean it with Saline Salution twice a day, and epsom salt once a day. At first it did hurt to sleep on my stomach, but after a while it just fades off like any other pain does. It has now been three months and is looking great. I can't wait for it to finally heal, so I can put one barbell through both of the piercings. I get a lot of attention from it, everyone tells my how good it looks with one ring on top and one on the bottom. Which makes me even like iy new piercing more. I am still looking forward to getting my eyebrow, tongue, and an orbital in my ear, maybe my nipples, but I heard it hurt quite a bit. It's all good though, if i really want it, Ill have some barbells through them soon. I really wanted the bottom of my navel, and it look at it now, cute as ever, i have my ring through it. When I decide to go down and get it done, I will definatly choose Craig from Animated Canvas. Not only a great piercer, but very cute also.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Craig+Tidwell
Studio: Animated+Canvas
Location: Riverside%2C+Ca.

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