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3rd time lucky

okay, I know it was a dumb thing to do, but its done and I'm happy with it. What I'm talking about of course is the third time I pierced my belly button myself, the time I did it at school with a safety pin I picked up somewhere. The first time I pierced my belly I was at home and I used a needle then stuck an earring through it. That was fine for a while, it didn't really hurt when I did it and it didn't hurt much afterwards. The problem was that I was pretty nervous when I did it and didn't put the hole back far enough. So after a few weeks of constantly playing with it, it was hanging by a thread and I pulled it out, and let my belly heal up. About 6 months after that all I had to show for it was a little white scar. I decided I wanted to try again one day (I get bored easily hehehe) and with a little encouragement and a needle I repierced it at home, over about an hour long period, being quite drunk I was slightly oncoordinated. Believe it or not, I did THE EXACT SAME THING AGAIN after about 3 weeks, one night I just rotated the ring and it came out in my hand. By this time I was just getting pissed off with myself and wanted to prove that I actually could pierce my belly button and leave it in for more then a month. This time I was so impatient that I hardly even waited for it to heal up. I was at school one day telling a friend that I wanted to repierce it. She was very enthusiastic, and all my friends wanted to see me do it. So I scammed the first aid lady into giving me an ice pack ("I hurt my wrist!" lol)during a practise run for our end of school presentation I sat in the front row with an ice pack in my lap (the teachers didn't even ask, they know me pretty well and are used to odd behaviour). Lunchtime came, and I was in the school quad with a bigass safety-pin halfway through my belly button. Apparently getting through the bottom was harder then I remembered. While my pain free friends stood around saying 'just ram it through!' and with teachers and fellow students walking past giving us extremely odd looks, I took their advice and rammed it through( I realised later that it went in crooked due to my enthusiasm, but I can live with that). In all the excitement, I had put the hole far enough back so that it WON'T come out this time! This was actually the first time I had numbed it before piercing so it hurt less then the other times at first. That was until a few hours later when it started aching. I don't know if it was because it was deeper or because I left the safety pin in ,but every time i coughed (I had the flu) it hurt like hell. So I went home, drank some whisky to dull the pain, put a ring in it, and its going great now..it isn't quite healed yet(I did it about a month ago) but its not infected (surprisingly!) and I'm pretty happy with my efforts. So now I've got the ring in my belly, which is cool, but the problem is I've also got scars on my belly button. Hopefully the scars will fade after awhile and it will actually look normal. I understand why people say you shouldn't pierce your belly button yourself, but the way I see it is, it's your body.Its your belly.So if you feel the need to pierce it yourself then go for it!
Personally I wouldn't have done it any other way. I like being in control of what is being done to my body. I've also done a couple of little carvings in my belly myself for the same reasons. The feeling of pride you have afterwards is great! In overcoming the pain, you've made quite an achievement, and its a good way to mark an important time of your life, like when I got a tattoo to celebrate the end of school.But thats another story. The moral of this story is- if, like me, you find it a matter of personal pride to pierce your belly button yourself, then put a bit of thought into it and plan where you're going to put it. oh, and I wouldn't recommend doing it at my school, its not the cleanest place on earth! luv TRACE :Þ P.S if you want to talk to me about this icq me - 21717728


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: trace
Studio: school
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