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So....it's not a tongue ring

ve spent the last 3 weeks reading over your site and psyching myself up for a tongue piercing. I've got about 80 hours of ink, am a 30 year old male and have my ears pierced. I've wanted to get pierced for a long time but haven't had the "right time" to be able to get it done. For the longest time I wanted to get a Labret, but never did it do to where I work. Let me just say that I think you site is the best one out there and has filled my head with the knowledge of someone who's been into piercing for years in only a few weeks of solid reading. Here's how the story goes...For the past 3 weeks I've been asking a co-worker to get pierced with me. Her husband is away for a few weeks and she was talking about how she needs to something crazy to suprise her husband when he gets back. She doesn't have any ink and this would be her first real walk on the wild side. After a lot of convincing, she agreed. We picked a time that would work well for the both of us and decided it would be best to do this at the end of the work week so we could chill out over the weekend. Let me add that I've been married for 10 years and my wife has no body modifications. Though I think I've alomost got her convinced to get at least a small tattoo or a naval piercing. The piercer I used was refered to me through some friends. He's clean, smart, and been doing it for about 7 years. I know his work has been in a few mags so I was pretty confident about his ability. The day finally arrived and what a day it was. We spent all day at work nervous with stomach aches, the sweats, and totaly freaked out. I have never been so messed up over anything. I don't think I was this messed up before my first tattoo. After work we hooked up with Jason to do the deed. You would think after all the ink I have this would have been a piece of cake. After a long debate and a lot of name calling Peg couldn't take it anymore and decided to go first. Other then getting a little glassy eyed she did great! I watched the clamp go on, the needle go through, her drool a lot and then it was over. She wouldn't let me take any picture for fear of blackmail. Then came the fear. I think I got myself over worked up and my nerves were out of control. I just had this fear of never talking right again ( which I know won't happen )so I chose my second option, which was always in the back of my head, my naval. My hope was also to come home with my naval done and convince my wife that she should do hers. I picked my ring, 14 guage curved barbell. We got it cleaned, lined up and pushed through, it was done before I knew it. Peg snapped some photos and if all goes well them come out and I'll send them in. It hurt less then when I got my ears done or any of my tattoos. The only part I really felt is when the barbell was getting adjusted. So all the hole poking is done (for now) and as I expected, Peg is on my case, but with her swollen tongue I'm sure she won't be able to raz me too much longer. I told her I needed to see it done and what the outcome was. I'm sure in a few days she'll be doing great and that will be all I need to get mine done too. I can already say that like tattoos this is going to be addicting. I was thinking about my second and third before the first one was even over. When we were all through we went back to show my wife our new toys. I think she was relieved that I didn't do my tongue ( but she knows me well enough to know that if I set my mind on something it will happen eventualy ). She like my naval and now I just need to let it heal and start planning the next one. So hey, it wasn't my tongue but it's a good start and I think it looks great. Jason did a great job and is a really cool guy. I'll keep you posted on my future adventures and let you know when my tongue and other parts get the needle. I have to say, just like most eveyone else does, if your thinking of doing it, just do it. Even if you have to take one small step at a time. Everyone deserves the chance to do something just because. Don't ever let people judge you or tell you how you should live. This world would be a really boring place if we were all alike. Chow.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jason+Burke
Studio: Alias%27s
Location: Turkey

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