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Barbie gets a navel ring

May 17th 1999........I was 13 at the time, and my family and I being from Brooklyn NY, didn't mind me piercing my belly button. My cousin has a nose ring and a belly button ring, my uncle has a tongue ring..........so it was only fair I got my belly button pierced......thats what I said to my mom. I thought she would be like "dont even bother asking me such stupid questions" but she said the exact opposite "sure go ahead, I dont care......but ask your father" I didn't want to do this because he is hard to get to in the "piercing department".It was hard enough to convince him to pierce my ears 14 times!!But he said ok too.....after 2 weeks of begging. So a couple of weeks go by and I keep bugging my mom to take me to the place and she keeps saying "sure" and I would say nervously "rrii...righttt...right now?" and she would get in the car and then I would say "no how about next week, when the dance competition is over". This "putting it off till dance is over" went on for about a month. My mom got so tired of me saying "lets do it" and then saying "no lets wait" so she just stopped asking me if I wanted to go. Well on May 17th 1999, the day after my last dance competition for the year and getting ready to get my 3 month break, I said "Mom we are going now" and she looked at me weird and said "we are not going because you were too sick to go to school and you had important EOG testing" I was mad, but I convinced her to take me. At Rock and Roll Emporium....where I had it done.... I was a nervous freaking wreck. I felt like I was going to pee all over the place. I was seriously about to back out of it. I started thinking ...."What if they screw it up and i get screwed......or what if it gets ripped out when I am dancing...." well I made my self sit in the chair after Bryant, my piercer, told me what was going to happen.....I wasn't listening because I was too disturbed staring at the needle that just came out of the newly packaged just "ripped" bag.So after i had it pierced I had to have him explain everything again. I new everything was clean...but i didnt care at the time I just wanted the hole in me and put there fast! Well it sure was a different experience from what I was told.....it did hurt me......only for like a second though. The reason is because I have a really tight stomach from dance so my skin is really tight and hard to grab. They took a miniature BBQ clamp (but for belly piercing) and "tried" to get my skin clamped in them. This took about 30 mintues. so I was hurting from that. Then they took a straight 5 inch needle......it was kind of thick which scared me. One end was sharp and the other was flat. He slowly, but quickly, glided the needle through and let it sit there for a minute while he got the ring. It didnt hurt when he actually put the needle through my skin..which i feared most...it hurt a bit after....just sore I guess. He passed the ring through and clipped the ball on. It was over........well I thought so. Yeah, the peircing part was over. Now comes the paranoia. I was so paranoid at school to touch it or to even let my shirt touch it! I had testing at school that week so I had to sit in a chair for ever. I had dance for 7 hours 7 days a week for 9 months and then a 3 month break.......well I was a stupid blonde(which is really funny because I am a blonde....just now stupid....well not all the time), I got it pierced 2 days before I started up dance again this year in August! The reason why I had so much pain is because I dance all the time and have to stretch and all the stuff. PEOPLE THAT DANCE OR DO ANY SPORT ACTIVITY I ADVISE YOU TO PIERCE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO GET PIERCED THE DAY YOU STOP THE SPORT OR WHATEVER AND LET IT HEAL AND NOT TO BE DUMB LIKE ME. Well it is now October 14th 1999 and I can stick Bobbi Pins through it. It's a good thing to have at dance competitions......incase if you loose a Bobbi Pin in your hair you have 5 in your belly button! Thats gross huh......! ALL THE PAIN I WENT THROUGH WAS WORTH IT BABY! I am proud of myself...I have 15 piercings but am still Barbie at the same time! I have no body piercing other then my belly button. Nothing on my face or any of that stuff. I have 7 earrings in each ear and my tummy! Well to those who want to get their tummy's peirced.....go 4 it.....it honsetly doesnt hurt......and if you are active (in dancing and stuff) like me the most it will hurt is for 2 weeks if any pain at all! Thanx for reading and if you have any questions or comments you can e-mail me!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: a+guy+named+Bryant
Studio: Rock+and+Roll+Emporium
Location: Independece+rd.

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