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I got stabbed!!

played with the idea of getting pierced for the past two years. At some point, I kind of just forgot about it. But then something happened in the days prior to my piercing that got me thinking about it again. I researched the topic on the Internet. I read about other peolpes' experiences, I looked at jewelry, and I tried to figure out what I would be responsible for after the piercing. It took me a long time to decide what I wanted to get pierced. Two years ago, I was obsessed with getting my tongue pierced. But I had and still have dress code restrictions, so that wasn't and still may not be an alternative. So now, my decision was between navel and nipple. I was concerned about getting my navel pierced, because I was afraid that it would not look masculine. But then I saw that navel piercings were not just done with rings. I discovered the curved barbell, and I told myself, "THAT is what I want!!" So now, my only choice was to decide where I was going to get it done. I did not want to get it done in town, because I wanted to make a road trip out of it. So I looked at possibilities in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I finally found a place that I liked in New Orleans, but the hours were very limited and I had trouble getting in touch with the establishment. I did some more research and I found a place in Baton Rouge that had better hours. The next thing that happened would not have been very significant in any other circumstance. You see, I had to be at work at 3 pm. The time was around noon. I received a phone call that I was being cancelled for the first 4 hours of my shift. It was like a message from the stars. I had finally been given the go-ahead that this was meant to be. I had to wait until 1:30 to call the place in Baton Rouge, to get directions and ask a few questions. I finally called, got directions, and literally ran out of my apartment, down the stairs, and to my vehicle. It was nothing but Metallica all the way to Baton Rouge. After about an hour and a half, I finally arrived in the capitol, and drove into the parking lot. I was pretty nervous. I couldn't believe that I was about to get a hole put in my body. But at the same time, I was relieved that I was finally going to make this a reality. There were no customers in the studio, so filling out the paperwork did not take long. I selected my jewelry, a 12 gauge curved barbell, and we went into the back room. It was a very clean looking, well-lit, and relaxed atmosphere. The piercer was very friendly and put me at ease. She cleaned my navel, marked me, and I lied down on the chair. She assembled her supplies, using meticulous sterile technique. It was very comforting to see that she was so concerned about sterility. Using a surgical clamp, she centered the blades of the clamp around the mark. She told me to take a deep breath and blow it out and I felt a little pressure, but no pain. She told me not to look unless I wanted to see a needle going through my body, so I looked. (I am a student RN, so I have a healthy love of needles. Nurses are very much into inflicting pain on others, whether or not you or they realize it.) There was no blood. I lay my head back and that's when the rush hit me. The adrenaline was making me high. It was the most awesome feeling in the world. I compare it to riding a roller coaster, bungee jumping, or performing some other kind of dangerous activity, for the first time. Nothing else compares, though, to getting pierced. While I was feeling happy, the jewelry was put in, and I was done. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. It was cool! I wish I could savor the feeling I had at that point, but I guess I'll never feel that again, since it was my first time. My piercer took a picture for her portfolio, gave me some more instructions, and I was on my way back home. I finally got home, still euphoric, and took pictures, pictures, and more pictures. I wished that I had brought my camera to the studio, because when the pictures were developed, they weren't very good. It is not easy to take pictures of your own navel. I have no regrets about getting pierced. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do something a little daring and unique. The best thing is that nobody knows about it. And I am the kind of person that would never be suspected of having a navel piercing. That is the best feeling!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Emily+Tessier
Studio: Under+the+Surface
Location: Baton+Rouge%2C+LA

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