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i love having my belly button peirced!!

e longest time i wanted to get my tounge pierced...but that was a "no go" from mom and dad. my mom said if i got my tounge pierced she wasn't going to pay my college tuition. so.. i kinda forgot the idea. i finally convinced her to take me to get my cartilige pierced.. which was cool and then one weekend when they went away i got it pierced again. i thought all hell was gonna break loose when they got home. they were actually cool with it. score!! i had never really considered getting my nave pierced-- but there was a girl at work that had hers done with this pretty silver captive ring. i always thought it was cool. at the beach i was walking on the boardwalk with my girls and we thought it would be cool to get our belly bottons pierced.. but i really didn't want my mom to kick my ass.. so i called her and told her about it. she thought that the boardwalk was a really dirty place to get it done and, after talking to her about it-- i agreed. so-- none of us got it done at the beach. i went home and told my mom that i was really serious and that i was going to get it done. she thought i was kidding...so, one day i was like see ya mom, i'm going to get my belly button pierced. my mom and dad really couldn't tell me no-- i was 18-- but they tried to convince me that i would be sorry because it would hurt so bad. that's when i started to gte nervous.. but i went anyway. i went with two of my friends.. and two of us decided to get pierced. we went in and the piercer (i don't think he told us his name) took down all of our info. and helped us choose our rings. i choose a silver captive ring.. cause i knew i would like the way it looked. i started to feel a little better because this guy had so many piercings himself.. and i fugured that he knew what he was doing.he was really cool and talked to us the whole time. i was also really glad that i waited to get my piercing at home because it was really clean.. i don't even know why i considered getting it done at the beach without even seeing the piercing room...so, i decided to go first because i knew i would puss out if i watched jess get hers done first. so he marked the spot and i was really getting nervous... he said that i might feel a little pressure when he put the clamp on, but that was probably the most pain i would feel.. he was right it was just a little pressure and then the next thing i knew my friends were like, "he's done" and i was like are you serious? it was painless. i was so excited i gave the guy a big tip because it didn't hurt and i really expected it to..jess's was a little different though her ring had a snag on it so it hurt her a little when he pulled it through... oh well. i wne t home and showed it to mom and dad and they really, i think, didn't expect me to do it... but they were asking baout the pain.. and i said that it didn't hurt and they though i was lying so i wouldn't be admitting that they were right..they sure were wrong. i don't think that i slept n it the first night.. it felt really weird when i did so i just managed to sleep on my back.. but the next night it was no porblem..and i didn't have to wear any specific pants i just wore my regular clothes and i didn't have any problems at all. it looked really good at first... and then it started getting red...and stayed red. i was getting a little worried,, i went back to M&M and had him look at it.. he said that it should go away in a few more days...but it didn't and my mom was getting all pissed that was red. she told me to buy vitamin E soft capsules and poke a hole in them with a pin and put the vitamin E right on it.... sometimes that woman is so smart. it worked so good. it took awhile to get used to-- i was like "wow i have my navel pierced"... and this is funny... i was lying on the beach and i kept having this weird feeling that the seagulls overhead would try and swoop down and yank it out...yeah right.. but now i don't even notice it...except how cool it looks when i wear a short top... my navel piercing is perfect and i love it... if you are thinking about it-- DO IT!! i'm thinking about what to get pierced next though........


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: i+forget+his+name--+he%27s+good+though
Studio: M%26M+tatooing
Location: downingtown%2C+pa

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