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My Navel Experience...

all. About two months ago I went to get my navel pierced at this one studio in the Stockyards. I had been wanting to get this piercing for at least two to three years and finally got up the nerve to do so. I had done a lot of research, mostly here on BME, and decided it was either the navel or the eyebrow. My problem is, I work at Taco Bell, and they're not too keen on the eyebrow piercing thing. I decided to get the navel simply because I didn't want to lose my job. So, anyways, I talked to my friend Pam, who had been out boozing the night before if she knew any good places to get a piercing done, and she suggested one parlour down near Billy Bob's, I think it was. I decided to take her word and go down to get it done. It was about three in the afternoon when I arrived at the parlour, and what do you know, it was closed. The local bum told me that they opened back up at seven, so I was pretty disappointed. I decided to wait till another day and was driving home when I saw a tattoo and piercing parlour across the street from the gas station that I had stopped at. I made a split second decision and walked over there to ask about the prices. The price list was simple, $40 for anything with a ring and $50 for anything with a barbell, depending upon whether the piercer knew how to do the piercing. One of the lady's behind the counter had me sign some papers saying I was legal and that I wasn't going to sue them if it got infected or whatever. She asked what piercing I wanted done and I told her navel. I'mno stranger to piercings, I've got my ears pierced nine times, it was eleven, but I had to let two holes close up due to infection. The lady and a man led me back into one of the back rooms and told me to lay down on the little padded table/chair. The room wasn't all that great looking, but it was pretty cool, had a pool table and some posters in it. I lay down onthe table, lifted up my shirt, and told them to do their thing. All of the packages were sealed and she showed me this before hand. I wanted to know that everything was cleaned and that I wasn't going to die from an infection or anything. She took a spray bottle filled with iodine solution and sprayed it on my navel, swabbing it with a cotton ball to make sure that everything was cleaned. She got out the needle, which wasn't too big, a 14 ga, and undid the package that held the standard CBR. She put the clamps on, and after some initial difficulty getting them situated, she said she was ready. The guy gave me a thumbs up sign and I gave it right back. I stared at the ceiling, felt a sharp prick, not even as bad as getting a shot at the doctors, and I didn't even feel the jewelry go through. It hurt a little bit when she was getting the bead on the ring, because the little tool she was using wasn't working right, but it was done and I was the proud owner of a navel ring. There was one drop of blood, which she sprayed more iodine stuff on and wiped it away. The first couple of nights I had to sleep on my back, which is really hard for me, but after the first couple of days the tenderness went away and I was able to move around like usual. It was really hard to bend down the first three or four days, because the CBR would catch on my waistline on my jeans. I cleaned the ring three to four times a day using Bactine, which worked wonders for it, helping it heal even faster. My mistake was I switched from Bactine to Clinidine, which I guess I'm allergic to. Within three days of switching to Clinidine, I had a nasty infection that wouldn't go away, even when I switched back to Bactine. To make a long story short, I took out the ring and couldn't get it back in after a week of having the infection. Big disappointment, but I knew there was a possibility of getting an infection. Now I'm the not-so-proud owner of a scar that is slowly going away and the ever increasing desire to put a hole through my eyebrow. I'll probably get that done sometime after Christmas, seeing as how I've got to go back home and I have to see daddy dearest. He'll freak out, so I want to give my eyebrow some healing time before he sees it. The next time that I get a piercing, it'll either be at Tigger's or Skin and Bones down in Deep Ellum, or The Tattoo Parlour at North Side. I've heard some really good reports about them and I want to go somewhere where I'll actually know the name of the piercer and the parlour!! Expect to hear a report from me sometime soon after the holidays on the eyebrow... Ciao, Kiju


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Some+lady...
Studio: I+haven%27t+a+clue
Location: Fort+Worth+Stockyards+in+Fort+Worth+Texas

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