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You meet the nicest people over a piercing

ill not entirely sure what made me decide to have it done. I suppose it was that I'd had my nipples pierced the previous month, and I was really pleased with the way they were turning out, so it somehow at the time seemed like a logical next step. It certainly, I thought, would be no big deal, and hardly worth writing up as an experience. Little did I know that fate was to prove me wrong. So, one Monday lunchtime I went along to Piercing World in Nuneaton, where I work, to see about getting my belly button pierced. It was all very straightforward; I chose my ring and filled in the consent form. The piercer had someone else with him - a trainee, I think, and asked if I minded if he watched. I said no - I think I must be an exhibitionist at heart. The three of us all went through into the piercing area; I felt like we were about to do a remake of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." First there was the usual routine with a pair of disposable gloves, and a length of paper to cover the now familiar dentist's-type reclining chair. The next step was to mark the placement, using an adjustable measuring guage. It looked fine to me, so then there was an antiseptic wipe, followed by a squirt from a freeze-spray anaesthetic. All the time he kept up a running commentary for the benefit of his new assistant (and for me as well, probably). Oddly enough, it felt a lot colder on my belly button than it had on my nipples, when I'd had those done. The clamp, and the piercing itself, felt no more than a hard pinching sensation - before I knew it I was looking at myself in the mirror and admiring my new ring! There were, I noticed, a few spots of blood oozing out, but nothing very significant, I thought; a paper towel was taped over it to protect my new piercing. I paid my 20 pounds (about 32 US dollars) and went back to work. As the afternoon wore on, I could feel the odd twinge of pain from it every so often, particularly if I sat down, but didn't think it amounted to anything serious. It wasn't until I finished work that night, changed into my jeans, and rode home on my motorbike, that I realised how wrong I was. How I got home I'll never know - it felt like I'd been stabbed with a knife. Once home, I took a look. I was horrified: the blood had soaked right through the paper towel, staining the inside of my shirt: the mess was indescribable. I cleaned it up as best I could, and dabbed gently with some cotton wool soaked in the antiseptic cleaning solution I'd been given. The ring itself looked like a gold one - it was stained so much! It took about a week of soaking it in the bath every morning, plus cleaning it twice a day with a cotton wool bud soaked in the antiseptic solution, before the tell-tale trace of bood finally dried up. It was, I remember, about another week after that before I could sit down and get up again normally; all the time I was worried in case anyone at work asked if there was anything wrong with me - nobody knows about my piercings; I'd have had to say I'd pulled a stomach muscle or something! That would almost certainly have been the end of my story, were it not for the fact that a couple of months later, a girl at work came in with a belly button piecing she'd had done over the weekend. It looked gorgeous - I think it was some sort of birthday present. I could imagine what a hard time some of our other workmates, not to mention the boss, would give us when they ever found out, so I wasn't going to admit to mine in public; it was another week before I managed to confide in her that I, too, had had mine done, plus some other piercings as well. I said that I thought my my belly button ring was a bit 'girlie', but she told me she was "well impressed". I was absolutely delighted when, the following week, she brought me back a holiday present - a curved barbell. I changed my ring the following morning, without any difficulty at all, but that evening, disaster struck! I took the dog for a walk, and as I was changing out of my jeans, I noticed to my horror that the top ball had become unscrewed; I'd lost it! Once I'd got over the initial panic - what an idiot I'd been, what was she going to think of me?? - I calmed down, and realised it had probably only just happened, and it would still be around on the floor somewhere. I rummaged around, and succeeded in locating it amongst the assorted paper clips and other debris on the carpet. Boy, was I relieved!! After that I became really careful about checking every day to see if the balls were screwed up tightly, but I think that only once did I discover that they'd worked their way loose again. For about a month, my new barbell gave me no trouble; I was really pleased with it. But then, perhaps beacause I started losing quite a bit of weight - I was down from 160 pounds to around 145 - it started to become really sore and painful. I didn't want to offend her, or hurt her feelings, but eventually I had to confess that I couldn't continue wearing the barbell - it was now so uncomfortable that I was afraid it might start rejecting. I went back to Piecing World, explained what my problem was, and to my relief, the solution was simple: my ring had been a 9mm diameter one, whereas the barbell I'd been given was 12mm. I would have probably been OK with a 10mm one, but I opted to have my original ring re-inserted, and I'm going to have it stretched to take a bigger guage in another week or two, when the soreness has all gone. So that's where I am now - the soreness has gone, and I'll be ready soon for a bigger ring. But, best of all, my friend and I have become really close friends - although I'm married and she's got a steady boyfriend - and all because of that moment when, unbeknown to each other, we each decided to have our belly buttons pierced!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Dean
Studio: Piercing+World
Location: Nuneaton%2C+UK

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