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MY NAVEL!! AHH its pierced...

es my story... i had wanted to get my tongue pierced for ages and ages and begged and begged my mom every single night...i went on BME all the time to read other peoples experiences and started to want it more and more...my mom finally after about 5 monthes said i could get my tongue pierced after we got back from summer vacation... we got back a lil while befroe skool started and i didnt want a swollen tongue the first day of skool, so i settled for my navel and my mom was a billion times happier because "its more acceptable" who knos why? its a piercing just like any other.. oh well i can wait till im 18 to get my tongue pierced its really sexy and ill show all the guys wen i go clubbing and shit.. newayz tho about the experience..... I got up in the morning and made an appointment for 1:30...because the tattoo shop like most others opened at 12 and the piercer didnt get there till about 1... i went to down there with my mom and my friend and my friends mom... i was so excited to get any piercing...so we got there and had to go BACK home!!! to get my id... most piercers need proof u actually came wit ur parent!!.. so if ur goin dont forget an id...i had been to the tattoo shop many times cuz it is downtown around where i hang out, the lady that pierced me and my firend was the nicest piercer ever.. she had a tight room with cool pics of her all over the room and pics of other people too... she gave me a piece of candy before the actual piercing..i was happy for it but i was to excited to eat... when we got back she asked wat kind of jewelry i wanted and i chose a barbell even tho it costs more its better for the begging cuz it doesnt snag and will heal quicker.. its well worth it cuz i can change it my self, unlike navel rings which have to be changed with a tool.... newayz we went to the back and my friend got pierced with a red face... she squeezed my hand so hard i wondered if it hurt that bad, but believe me i would never chickedn out i can take pain just as long as i kno it will end sometime soon..i was next!!!.. she sterilized everything cleaned my stomach and marked it and then told me she first would make a lil prick and then once i exahaled she would stick the needle in...she didnt use clamps or anything which ive heard that clamps really hurt, but mine is strait and everything so i dunno?? i held my buddys hand and breathed... she told me to inhale and opnce i exhaled she would pierce me..i inhaled and exhaled.. but after that i totally forgot to breathe!!then it finally went through ...it hurt like a bitch for a second... im not going to lie.. one second thats all and then automatically the pain is gone... she put the barbell in and i loved it automaticallly...it bled les then a drop of blood and then it was fine... i got out of the seat and was fine no dizziness, i didnt have that much of an adreniline rush because i really expected everything tht she did..i paid her and she told us all about the after care.. she said it takes from 6 wks-9mnths to heal, but that means totally heal.. it doesnt mean that befroe it heals it is all bloody and ugly... and even wen it heals u still definitly need to take good care of it.. piercings arent for lazy people... ive had it for about a week and no problems.. the first day of skool i wore a shirt that covered it and it got a lil irritaed, i got the saline soulution and put it on it and it was fine...i clean it with antibacterial soap and soak it in the saline stuff all the time...i took a sea salt bath and it felt so good on it!!! i havent had any crustys and it looks like its been pierced for awhile...i cant sleep on my back tho cuz i dont want to snag it...its also hard to wrestle with all my guy buddys, but oh well the things u have to surrender for it are all definitly worth it.. if u want a piercing go for it only for u tho.. not to be trendy or popular or anything like that only get it for ur own love.... im out genna.. email me wit any questions or comments


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Erica
Studio: Eye+Spy+Tattoo
Location: Petaluma.+Ca

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