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MY botched attempt at self piericing an outie

've ALWAYS wanted a navel peircing to accentuate my ugly outie of a belly-b... It's been kind of a dream. I always thought I cold just peirce it through my actual belly button, but then i found out about the risks of that and that scared me off. So I decided that when the time was right i would get it done. I thought first off that i would get it professionally done... but then i found out how expensive that was and im like "fuck no" i mena i wouldnt even pay $15 to get my ears done.. my mom paid.. and i havent gotten any other piercings since (sadly enough) oh yeah... and just so you know im 14 years old going into grade 10 (skipped a grade... yeah i know BLAH!!!). And this isn't just a spur of the moment "hey lets look cool" thing... so many people tell me not to do it.. but i have always wnated it done.. and its not like it will affect me in the long run.. if it gets badly infected ill tke it out.. etc.. when i get sick of it ill take it out.. i dont mind scars.. i have tons... (yes i am a masochist.. ex-masochist actually) so finally this year at camp i decided to go for it... I wasn't in the least bit prepared for it. I iced up my stmach for about 45 mins with some ice made from god knows what kind of water at the health centre)... and i burnt a safety pin (for lack of any other way to sterilize it unfortunately..) then i jsut went for it. It was really hard to do because of the fact that i have an outie.. i had to pull the skin more to make a respectable fold (doesnt help that im really skinny and dont have loose skin). So i went for it.. and it was going fine.. i coudlnt feel anythign.. My friend Marilyn insisted on watching, so there i was standing in the bathroom at camp with a safety pin halfway through my navel and a cloth in my mouth so I wouldn't grind my teeth. Don't get me wrong it wasnt from pain.. just the fact that im sticking a pin through my stomack.. so its kind of freaky... and then i was almost through when the pin started to bend. I was freakign out.. and so was marilyn.. she goes out and screams to the entire cabin that im going kill myself and someone please stop me etcc.. etc.. marlyn woke EVERYONE up.. which kind of pissed all of us off i didn't know what to do... I asked my other friend K G (whos sister is an expert and who has had many experiences in perincing) she said if it was stuck and wouldnt go any further to pull it out and try again in a week... So thats what I did.. thats what hurt was pulling it back out... now i have the safety pin on my dog collar as a souvenir.. and im not chickening out!! .. unfortunately it didnt work, but c'est la vie.. but a week is almost up so i'm going to try again in a few days.. with proper sanitary stuff... like a CLEAN safety pin (too cheap to buy needles.. sadly) and all sorts of sterilizing stuff... the last thing i want to do it botch it again and get MORE scars there..a ndhave to wait another week. i want to do it before school starts. In conclusion... I'm totally for the self peircing experience... as long as you're responsible... Use sterile equipment.. its better to use the needles than a safety pin.. but as a last resort... well.... make sure to clean it out.. don't pick at all that nasty buildup stuff (YECCCHHH!!!) and make sure no one pokes you in the belly button right after.. whether u botched it or not... it hurts!!! be responsible... but i would say.. if u have the dough.. and the initiative get it professionally done... over a home job because.. is just so much safer but im not saying D I Y is bad... I guess what im saying is be careful oh yeah - and don't do it while youre drunk for two reasons.. one - you're drunk.. DUH! and two.. you bleed a lot easier when you have alcohol in yur system.. so you could bleed a lot.. and some people (perhaps you) pass out at the sight of blood. If you are wondering why this is so long its because i have run out of things to say... If you wnat to know more about me... visit my homepage @ http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Cathedral/6354/ or email me: tylenol@beer.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: myself
Studio: at+my+camp
Location: Near+Toronto%2C+ON%2C+Canada

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