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A uk navel experience

't really thought much about getting my navel pierced until I saw a picture in a magazine, it looked really cute and I thought 'why not?' I've never been one to wear tops that show off my belly but I still wanted it done, not for anyone else-but for me! Originally I told myself I had to get down to a certain weight (10st) before i would have it done. I'm really tall & not fat at all but I just wanted to be a bit thinner. I asked my mum & she wasn't really keen on the idea but she realised that as I was 18 it was up to me. I made a list of local tatoo studios and sat down ready to ring around to find the best deal. The first one I phoned ws brilliant, they explained everthing to me and were generally really polite and helpful.They told me it cost £35 which was what I expected. I instantly thought 'right I'm going there!' Anyway, the weight rule did'nt lat long as the next day I was sat on the bus on my way. I decided to go on my own as I didn't want to look a wuss in front of my mates. I stood outside the shop and thought-'it's now or never' as I made myself walk in. I was greeted my this friendly bloke who asked if he could help me. I told him what I wanted done, he told me to pick my jewlery out of a large glass cabinet and said that that would probably be the hardest bit! I chose a bar with a jewl in the bottom which changed colour with the light. Right....now I was ready. He led me into this little room that looked just as I expected after reading the stories on BME, and I asked him to show me what he was going to do. Gloves, cleaner, needle in packet, all what I was hoping for but I was still shitting myself! After cleaning & marking the entry & exit holes I was told to lie on the bed thing and relax.(understandably relaxing was the last thing on my mind -pain,blood,needles-yes! but relaxing?? yeah right!) Now a bit about me-When I get scared I cannot stop laughing, this was one of those moments. I was just lay there laughing my head off, I think he thought he was piercing some crazy nutter of something! He then told me he was going to freeze my belly - yeah, this is what I liked to hear! He squirted this really cold stuff on my belly & reached for the needle-Ooh..Wait a sec..! I asked him if my tummy was really numb & he said that now he was delayed he would have to spray more stuff on-Oh well!! Better to be safe hey? Afer being convinced that I was numb I looked at the ceiling & let him do his job. Now this is gods honest truth, I could fell something going on but it didn't hurt AT ALL!! I felt a slight pinch as the ball was put on but that was it! I still did'nt want to look so he covered it up for me & got me a cup of water. Eventually I shakily got to my feet and walked to the counter to pay. And that was it- all that worry and it was over so quickly and pain free! I was given 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to clean with- I know people tell you not to use it but I have had it done for 3 weeks and it has been fine. I clean it once a day with the solution and once a day with antibacterial soap when in the bath of shower-this removes the crusties & keeps the jewlery nice and sparkley. To begin with it caught on my trousers and stuff but I covered it up for work so I could get on as normal. It has been slightly red and has weeped a little but that is to be expected when you have just had a needle shoved through your stomach! Word of advice-don't use Dettol!!! It will literally burn your stomach-I learnt the hard way. To anyone considering getting pierced-get it done, it is hard work to look after but it is worth it. After all if you don't like it you can always take it out.I love my new piercing and am looking forward to changing my jewlery when it is properley healed(and not before!)I have no plans to get anything else pierced right now so I don't think that i have caught the piecing bug yet! Feel free to mail me if you want. And yes...I am still trying to get down to 10st!!!)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: don%27t+know
Studio: Dragonclaw
Location: Derbyshire%2C+England.

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