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the complete and total expirience

rted out at first wanting my tongue pierced, but since i'm only 15, that didn't quite work out. then a few weeks later my mom asked if i'd like to have my belly button pierced and i said yes, even though it wasn't all that important to me. but my sister had her belly button pierced and my brother had a tattoo so i felt left out, so why not. so finally one day, my mom said we could go and get it done. my twin brother insisted on going, which i'm thankful for because he made me laugh and he calmed me down. first of all, we tried to take a short cut, which really took us in a huge circle so that put me in a betterbmood for a second because it was so funny. finally we got back on track. we tried the first place, tidewater tattoo studios, but their piercer was on vacation. the guy there was really rude too. after that, we went to main street tattoos where my brother had gotten his first tattoo at. my mom asked if they could pierce her belly button and after one look, they said no because her belly button was too small (as a result of plastic surgery). needless to say, she was pretty dissapointed, but it's all good because she got it done somewhere else the next day. they said my belly button was okay, however, and we had to fill out paperwork. i thought the paper was funny because it said "i acknowledge that i am not pregnant or drunk right now". the piercer, dewayne, was so weird looking, he was scary. he had everything possible pierced and for some reason he felt the need to tell me he has his "down there" pierced. anyway, he asked my age and i had to lie because they won't do it unless you're sixteen. at this point i was a nervous wreck which was strange because i have a really high threshhold for pain and i don't mind needles or blood. but i still was scared out of my mind, so to calm myself down i looked at this book of tattoos and i saw my brother in it, and a whole bunch of my friends, and that got my mind off of the needles for second. i sat and had a cigarette with my mom to calm down, then he called me back to pick out the jewelry. i chose a regular barbell because i play sports and i didn't want a hoop being caught on anyting. first, he told me to stand upstraight and put my arms to the side so he could mark my belly button (that tickled!). i checked it out in the mirror and it seemed alright. then he told me to lay down on the little table/chair thing. he explained that the clamp was usually the most painful part so i was all scared and shaking. but really the clamp only hurt a little. and to topit all off,the chair was in plain view of the door so when all these people walked in (hot guys, actually) they were watching, which made me even more nervous. i was afraid to look so i just looked at the ceiling. dewayne kept asking "are you still alive down there?" and i'd just grunt because i was afraid to talk. next, he told me to hold my breath and i felt a slight burning sensation (not pain, but it did feel weird), and he's like, "ok, let me screw on the top now". i was all amazed because i thought it would hurt so bad!! it only bled a little, but nothing major. dewayne gave me strict instructions on how to clean it and i will follow them religously because i like it so much. then right after we were done i had to rush to field hockey practice, but i couldn't prominently display it because if the coaches know i have my belly button pierced, they won't let me play (safety rules or something stupid like that). that was like three days ago and i'm really happy with it. i do sometimes forget and lay on it, but that doesnt happen often. at first i just got it pierced for the sake of having something pierced, but now i really like it. i can't wait for the three months to pass so i can put it other cuter jewelry in it. a naval piercing isn't all that unique, but it's still adorable. i'll try to get a picture for you guys soon. i told my mom right after it got done, "now i have to be skinny so it doesn't look gross" so it'll give me a reason to not pig out.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Dewayne
Studio: Main+Street+Tattoos
Location: elkton%2C+md

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