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Natural High all from my piercing! :)

STORY OF ME AND WANTING A TATTOO/PIERCING Ever since I was about 10 years old, I always wanted to have my belly button pierced. I don't know what it was about it? It just seemed so kewl. Some people are influenced by seeing them and just wanting them b/c they are so trendy and popular, but that definately wasn't me at the time. I live in this small town where hardly anyone has it done. I think i can name about 10 people that i know? well, anyways.as time went along, i turned 14 and suddenly wanted a tattoo. i don't know what my facination was with it, i just wanted one (like my belly). However...after seeing a guy have his arm tattoo'd while on vacation in TN i decided against it. I didn't realize that after beign tattoo'd it got all puffy and red...that just grossed me out. So, i decided to go back to wanting my navel pierced. I had mentioned it to my mom countless times over the period of about 2 weeks. but she hadn't swayed one bit. her answer was "no". i still wanted it done SOOOO bad though and i decided not to stop buggin her about it till she let me get it done. A week went by and i kept askign day after day when finally, one monday i asked her "mom, can i go to get my belly button pierced enxt saturday?" and she replied back "if i have the money." I almost dropped to the floor! Was she really saying yes?? i asked her to promise me and she did. from that day on i was sooo psyched. i told all my friend that i was goin to have my belly done!! it was like this all time natural high! the best! that night, i didn't sleep very well...i just couldn't stop thinking about it! this went on all week. and i couldn't take the suspense of waiting anymore. so, hoping! i went back to my mom and asked her if maybe she could take me the coming up friday instead. she agreed since i had been so jumpy about it all. Finally the day arrived. i woke up late that day (about 1:00pm)since i hadn't fallen asleep till late that night. my friend "V" was supposed to go with me, so i tried callign her up....no answer..i called her again and again..but no one answered....where could she be?? i didn't think i coudl do it w/o her goin. i called liek every 15 mins till my mom got home at 3:00pm. still, no "V"...? my mom was gettin anzty to go so she said that we either were leaving at 4:30 or not goin at all...so when 4:30 rolled around and i still hadn't gotten ahold of my friend, i left....:( sorry "V"... anyways..now the good part... ARIVING AT TOTEM TATTOO As we stepped inside the shop i could hear the buzzing of the tattoo needle in the background. i was so nervous as soon as i was there i had this huge adrenalin rush. i couldn't believe i was here about to do this. we checked in with the person at the front desk and told him what i was gettin done. he had me and my mom show propper ID and sign a liability waver. There were two girls in gettin their navel pierced b4 me so i was forced to sit out front in the lobby and wait...while the tension grew...and grew...and GREW. I could over hear the piercer explaining the process to one of the two girls in front of me... after the first girl was done..her and the piercer came out and she explained cleaning to her. when the girl was all paid and ready she asked me if i had picked out my jewelry yet. i showed her the little curved barbell with a green gem on the one end that i wanted and she took it and put it in the sterilizer. she told me that she just had to do the other girl b4 me and then it would be my turn. it seemed liek forever when it was actually only a 15 minute wait and she was ready for me. THE PIERCING PROCEDURE When she called me back i was sooo nervous. i still couldn't believe i was goin to get it done! she told me that she was gonna tell me everything she was doing and that she wasn't goin to suprise me with anything. that' helped me relax... First she had me tuck my shirt up into my bra to keep it out of the way. then, while standing she cleaned my belly button really good with about 7 or 8 different wipes. when she was done with that she took a fine point marker and marked and entry and and exit for the needle. After all that was done, she had me lay down on the table. she clamped my belly button with a metal clamp that had a sort of a tringle shap hole at the clamp end (for the needle to go through). this is when i started to get really nervous. and i mean REALLY NERVOUS! she told me that she needed me to take a deep breath in and then exale out pretty quickly...so i breathed in................and exhaled out as hard as i could...right then i felt alot of pressure and then a little pinch! that was all! no pain...i was expecting it to hurt really bad but i didn't feel any pain what so ever. i looked down and saw a needle sticking in my stomach..it was actually pretty kewl. after that she slipped the jewelry in the hole and screwed in the top ball of my barbell. i got up and looked at it in the mirror...and i luv'd it!! it was one of the best things i've ever done!! if you want one i strongly suggest that you get it done. it doesn't hurt liek you would expect it too. but don't do it yourself and don't let anyone touch you with a piercing gun! just a few pointers from mandi! :) oh and stay away from peroxide and alchohol...stick with antibacterial soap and salt water soaks! bye!!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: illona
Studio: Totem+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Shamokin+Dam%2C+PA

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