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Grown and in the military....I should know better....NOT!

start out by saying that I am in a profession that frowns upon piercing with a passion. The United States Air Force. Hey--It pays the bills! Anyway, I'm a 30 year old female with a loving husband and two great kids. I guess it's early-early mid-life or something, but all of a sudden I got this sudden urge to get my navel pierced! It seemed exotic and something that only I had to know about(and my husband of course). But I always chickened out because it didn't seem appropriate(especially since I'm supposed to be a role model to my subordinates...whatever that means! Like I said...It pays the bills!) The turning point is when I got orders to go to Incirlik AB Turkey, and that meant leaving my husband and two kids for 15 mos. I felt like I was bending over backwards for this military, and I have been for 11 years. Time for me to do something for me for a change. I told my husband---oh that was hard, cause he is hard core career AF man. He looked at me for a long time...paused and finally said "whatever you want to do, dear!"(I think he was just trying to give me whatever I wanted, because as it was, I was going bezerk trying to make sure that everything was in line for him and the kids before I left in a week...I must have about six new gray hairs from that! Oh well I'll never know...I'll just keep dyeing it---my hair dyeing adventures are another story, though) We made an appointment at Rainbow studios in Dover Delaware ,and just showed up (me, my husband, the kids, and except for the dog and the cat the whole brood was in the tattoo parlor...I should've taken a picture for my mother...she would've gotten a kick outta that!----NOT!). My husband was liking it in there because there was a bunch of kids (I say kids..17-20 year olds)hanging out in there waiting to do some kind of damage to their bodies, and he was an Air Force recruiter at the time(mmmmm....fresh meat!!!!!)so he was busy. My kids got an enormous kick out of looking through the tattoo books and the pictures on the walls, so it wound up being a cool family outing(togetherness is togetherness, no matter where it is! That's often forgotten). Nick (the man who poked me in ways no man has done before!)took me to the back room with the jewelry I just picked out. He laid me down clamped me up and started talking to me. I guess while we were conversing he was preparing to put a hole in my gut, but he got me talking about my kids...when I start I go on and on and on! Anyway, he told me to relax because I was tense. At this point in time I was like "what the hell am I doing????????? I'm crazy! Then I thought.."yeah...I AM crazy, so I'm going to do this to re-claim a part of me that was wandering in some sort of purgitory waiting to find the light again"(deep huh?)...somewhere between the clamps,my non-stop chatter and deep thoughts Nick had put a hole in my belly button, completely equipped with a titanium steel ring. I couldn't tell you when, but all I felt was the clamp. Honest. I walked out with the most wicked smile on my face(my husband tells me), got my aftercare kit, was told what to expect and was on my way!!! It was rusty and crusty for the first two weeks but other than that no problem. Minor discomfort sitting up and down, and tight jeans were out of the question(unless I had a big T-shirt on to cover the fact that they were unbuttoned). It's been 2 months now. It bothers me a little in my uniform because the belt sits right on top of it(taping it down helps!!!!!!!) But you know after all is said and done I don't regret it! It reminds me of the time we were all together in that tattoo shop having a ball. I'm sitting here alone in Turkey right now I'm contemplating what other kind of damage I can do(TONGUE!!!!!!!!----SGT BAD GIRL,that's me!). If you are thinking about it, do the research, determine why, and do it. Life is short. For me it was about re-claiming my individuality which is hard to do when you are surrounded by people who dress like you and are bound by the same rules. Break 'em a little. No one has to know unless you tell them. -Good luck ---Valerie P.S. Oh and since I got here and told a few individuals that I trust, 4 of them went and got it done! The urge was there, and I guess since they figured I did it, it gave them the extra push to fulfil their little secret desire!...I tell you they won't regret it!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Nick
Studio: Rainbow+studio
Location: Dover%2C+De

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