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my emla and vodka expierience

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i am a 14 yr old male i live in a small town in tx. since i am only 14, if i wanted to get a piercing, i would have to get parental connect. this is what led to the reason for my home piercing. i want to add that i do know a bit about the proper procedure and sterilization of the instruments from reading bme and because my mom is a nurse.

i decided i wanted a piercing about 2 months ago when i started reading bme. but i still didnt know what kind of piercing. i finally decided on a tongue. i asked my mom and of course, initially she said no. but after weeks of begging and asking her repeatedly she finally said i could get one for my birthday.but only on one condition ''you can get one body piercing and one piercing only'', i said that was fine w/me. so i went to get my tongue piercing.

i got the pierce it didn't hurt and all the rest.it was about two weeks later that i wanted a navel piercing also. i knew i wouldn't get permission again from my mom so i decided i would do the piercing myself. i knew my mom was going to work at 10 that night so thats when i would pierce myself. she left as usual and i went to work setting up for the pierce. as i mentioned earlier my mom is a nurse so i had little trouble finding a hypodermic needle and hemostats (clamps) around the house.i was a little nervous about the pain however. i was going to get ice to numb it, but i decided to give one last look in the medicine cabinet for something a little stronger and low and behold a small tube of emla cream, which is a prescription topical anesthetic i knew i would be feeling no pain that night. i now had my supplies in order an 18 gauge hollow needle my clamps and my emla cream i already knew the needle was sterile because it was still in the package and hospital needles come already sterilized.the next step was sterilizing the clamps since i didn't have an autoclave i used the next best thing a pressure cooker.now that everything was in order i came to the next step, the pierce.

i took all my supplies into my room and put on some music. i put on the black light and turned a bright reading lamp on my navel area. i then began to apply the emla cream. i put a thick coating of the cream on my navel. it says to wait 30 minutes for it to reach its full numbing effect. so i waited there for 30 mins,pondering the outcome of what i was about to do.so finally, after the longest 30 mins of my life i wiped the emla off and applied the clamps. they weren't the kind of clamps they use in piercing studios, with the circle on the end, but they would have to do. i got the needle out of the package and pushed it to my navel just to see if it hurt i couldnt feel a thing, i was so relieved. i held out the clamps to get the area ready. i started to push the needle through i was expecting some resistance, since most people who pierce their own navel say they pushed it as hard as they could for an hour just to get it through. but there was almost none it went right through it took 2 seconds and i didn't feel a thing. maybe it was because i couldn't feel it so there was no pain to slow me down but i think it was that i was using the proper type of needle instead of a safety pin.it was then that i realized i didn't have any jewellery to put in,fuck i had to get up, go find something to put in there. i had a safety pin, or a gold earring stud with a diamond in it. i finally decided on the ear stud i was walking around trying to find some alcohol or something to sterilize it with a big needle hanging out of my belly. i couldn't find any thing i didn't want to wait around for the pressure cooker and i didn't have any peroxide or alcohol so i decided to look for something in the liquor cabinet ( this probably isn't the best way to sterilize but i was desperate). what has the most alcohol in it gin, whiskey, or vodka?I decided on the vodka. so i poured some over the stud, put the end in the needle and pulled it through, good thing i was numb or it probably would have stung like a bitch. so now i have an earring in my navel. it looked stupid so i needed a cbr or barbell or something.

that night when the numbing wore off it was uncomfortable but nothing i couldn't bear. before i went to sleep i took a shower and soaked it in Epsom salt. when i woke up it was sore but still didnt really hurt. i was scared that soap would sting so i soaked it again and put peroxide on it. my mom was home now so i would have to hide it now, which wasnt hard because i usually dont walk around w/ my belly button hanging out. as soon as i walked out of my room my mom said ''gimme that shirt, im washing white clothes'' fuck, i said i was going to take a shower and i would throw it to her from the bathroom. OK so i gave it to her and turned the water on and stood in the mirror for 10 mins looking at my piercing.

i continued the epsom salt and peroxide but the peroxide was drying out the skin so i switched to anti biotic ointment. i got a little clearish white discharge for a couple of days but i knew a little was normal and after a couple days it stopped. it was stil a little sore and red but i continued cleaning it and after a month it wasnt sore but still a little red so i continued washing it the redness was gone and it was completely healed in 2 months

all in all it was an easy pierce that i would recomend to anyone but i would recomend getting it professionally done and not using vodka for sterilizing.

happy piercing



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Navel Piercing

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