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Smooth Navel

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I got my navel pierced about 5 weeks ago and so far am very happy with it. I'd been on the web for months trying to decide what piercing I wanted. I narrowed it down to a tongue, eyebrow or navel. Then I decided definately I wanted the navel. I then set about scouring the phone book looking for piercers. I called about 10, and liked 3 of them, one of which I was already intending to go to, as it wasn't too far away from me, (I live in Melbourne, Australia) it seemed like a very friendly, sterile environment, the main piercer was actually a doctor, it cost $70 only, (some said it'd be about $100) and I'd get a 15% discount because I am a student at a University that sponsored their advertisement in the school diary. Anyway, so after about 3 months of dreaming about it, but not really doing anything, I decided I was going to just do it and surprise my girlfriend. So I called the place I'd settled on, and was extremely disappointed that no piercers would be in for about 5 days. I really wanted it that next day. So I went home and looked at my list of other good piercers. The first one I called, I made an appointment for the next day. Already I was wondering if I'd actually turn up. I did, and I arrived about an hour early. I didn't go in, the shop was in a shopping mall with 2 other tattoo/piercing places, so I went into those, looking at body jewellery. (I have about 15 different types of jewellery. I must've spent over $300, and I don't even have any other piercings except ears). I bought a circular barbell, and a banana, (from another shop of course. lol) and sat down and ate. It's good to eat before you're pierced. I had brought along 2 of my curved barbells, hoping to get pierced with them, instead of having to buy yet another one. So at about 10 mins before my appointment, (2pm) I went in. I was really pleased that the piercer seemed really nice, and he said he could use one of the barbells, and said to wait for about 25 mins while it went in the autoclave. I sat down, sort of half read a magazine, and looked at the pictures on the wall of piercings and tattoos. Well, I saw something I have NEVER seen before. There was a picture of a woman with many piercings in the genital region, but I couldn't even tell what exactly was pierced as the ENTIRE area was tattooed! I could not believe how painful that must have been. Anyway, soon the piercer called me over to sit in a wheely chair, really leant back. He cleaned the navel with Betedine I think, and measured stuff with a red thing. shrug Then he got the clamps out and positioned them, then told me to hold them in place while he got the needle, (it was in an unopened packet I was pleased to note). I tried to push the clamps into my skin to produce pain so the actual needle would seem less, but no, all those stories about painful clamps were not true in my case. (triangle clamps mine were) Anyway, then he came back with the needle, and I started to mildly freak out internally. I made myself breathe deeply through my nose, which really helped, and it also made it easier that he was talking the whole way through, though now I haven't got any idea what he said. I felt a sharp, searing pain that last about 2 seconds, and the whole time I think I had my face squinched up, and was worried it would get worse, but instead it stopped. I looked down, and saw the needle sticking through my stomach. Looked interesting. lol Then he came back with the jewellery, and put it in. I was preparing for more pain, cause I'd heard that putting in the jewellery hurts a lot. But nope. No pain at all. (maybe because it was a barbell, so no tugging, trying to get the ball on a CBR. Also, there's less of a sharp angle to a curved barbell, so. . .I dunno, but it didn't hurt). Anyway, so he explained the aftercare, (wash twice a day with Anti-bacterial soap, dry thouroughly and put Betedine on it, and also warm salt water soaks are good) and I was very glad he actually showed me how to clean it, pushing the bar up and down. I would've probably been too scared to do that, for fear of pain. But was surprised at how little it hurt when he did it. I looked in the mirror, was very pleased, and paid him. Only $20!! Woo-hoo! Then I left, and went to see my girl, who I surprised with it. It never hurt at all, just a little twinge occasionally, and when I cleaned it the first few times. So overall, it was an excellent piercing experience. :) I'd recommend it to anyone. I have since "stretched" my ears to a 14ga, and intend to have a vertical hood done very soon.

If you have any questions or just want to talk, write to me at mbou7@student.monash.edu.au


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Navel Piercing

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