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My Horrible Navel Piercing Experience

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I had wanted to get a belly-button ring for ever and finally decided to go through with it when I was eleven. I wanted to get my navel pierced for my 12th birthday, but of course my mother was totally against it. So after about two months of begging she agreed to let me have it done if I kept my grades up blah blah blah. All the way to the piercing place, though, my mother kept reminding my of her friends that said how excruciating the pain was and how horrible it was and how much they hated it, so that I would change my mind. I didn't.

So on August 15th we went down to a really disgusting looking place in Tarpon Springs by where I live to get it done. The only reason I wanted to have it done there was because the name of the place was "Painless Steel Body Piercing" and I liked the thought of no horrid pain. So that's where we went even though my mom's fiance had gotten all of his tattoos done at a place called Monique's and that's where they wanted to take me. I went with almost my entire family (mom, step-dad, sister) because my mother said she needed moral support to let me go through with it. After I had picked out this lovely little silver half-loop with a turquiose and black bead I had to sit down and wait for it to be steralized.

While we were waiting the man who did my piercing who's name was "Big Daddy" showed my mother a picture of his XXX piercings and tattoos, fun huh? To add to the fun he decided to tell my mother about his criminal record, how he had a screwed up childhood, and how he sold counterfiet Tommy Hillfiger watches and sweat shirts. He even went out to the truck to buy more counterfiet stuff while we were waiting.

Finally fourty-five minutes later the damn thing was steralized. The bead had been completely ruined by the machine that cleaned it and the ink had all ran together to form a blue bead with a black spot on it. It was to late to pick out another one and I just wanted to get it done and leave. I was brought back into this little room with my mom and layed back on this little padded table. A woman who I'm assuming was the piercers wife rubbed this pain killer all over my belly button and than left the room and I stayed their for about twenty or so minutes. So after I waited back there for awhile someone came into the room. It was "Big Daddy" and this really fat twenty year old who had a little name tag that siad Piercer-in-Training and my mom started flipping out because she didn't want him to be the one to pierce me.

After another ten minutes the Piercer Trainee had finally managed to put on the little rubber gloves over his spiked dog collar bracelets. Than he put a clamp on my belly-button (which turned out to be the least painful part of the whole thing) and walked out of the little room. After another 10 minutes (we had already been their like over 2 hours) "Big Daddy" came in the room and said he was doing the piercing. He asked me if I still wanted to go through with it and when I said yes he showed me all the little instruments and unwrapped the needle. Than I closed my eyes, turned my head, and gripped the little table expecting horrible pain and he jammed the needle into my belly-button. SURPRISE I hardly felt it at all. The only part I felt was the when it was going through the middle but going in and out didn't hurt. The needle was hollow so he pushed the ring into a hole in it and slid out the needle. The ring was in and everything was fine. Now he had to push the little bead into the ring to complete it. This's where the most fun began. It took 10 minutes and five people to get the little ball into the ring after the bead had been dropped on the floor countless times. It turns out the ball was way to big for the ring.

When it was done I had to sit and wait for 5 minutes while we waited to see if I would go into shock or something like that from metal poisoning.

This lovely experience, plus jewelry cost my mother $75. Totally not worth it I think. It was painfull, it got infected, and it was ugly for about 6 months after the piercing. The area around the piercing became raised and red and pussed out all this green stuff for about three months after I got it done. Than the jewelry broke and I had to buy more, than that broke, than I lost the third one and I am now on my fourth ring since I got pierced a year ago. Despite that I am very happy with my piercing now and since my 13th birthday is coming up I'm hoping for a tongue piercing, at a different place, of course.

~~Maggie aka Maleficent Twilight~~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Navel Piercing

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