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My navel piercing....at 13

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I'm 15 now, but I thought about piercing my navel since i was about 11. I don't know why I liked navel piercings so much compared with other piercings...but I knew I wanted one.

We were at dinner with my whole family and I looked at my mom and blurted out, "I'm going to pierce my belly button!" I thought she was going to freak, but she just said, "ok" and went back to eating. She thought it was just a faze. After thinking about it for a while, I chickened out. The decision probably would have been alot easier if I had known about BME so I could get some info on it. I was scared that I wouldn't like it, or that it might get pulled out, or that it would look weird....I worried about everything you could ever think about! Then, when I was 13, I came home from school and said, "Mom, I've got enough money, your going to drive me to a piercing place and I'm going to pierce my belly button!!" She got up, looked though the phone book to find the address of a place she had heard about through friends of hers, and we left.

When I walked into the tatto/piercing place (Artistic Impressions in St.Catharines Ontario) and some of the guys that were in there, either working or getting tattooed, scared me. You know the type...big, strong, bald usually, tattooed, pierced...they kind you expect to see kicking someone's ass outside a concert... But i talked with the owner and one of the piercers and they were really nice (especially the scary ones! They were so nice!! Can't remember their names either!)and answered all my questions. They told me that if I wanted to do it today, to sit and wait or to make an appointment for another day....of course I waited (didn't wanna chicken out again) After only about 5 minutes of looking at the jewelry and pictures (which also freaked me out abit. They were all of these guys with huge barbells through their noses and tongues...) they had, my piercer (I can't remember her name, but I wish I could) said she was ready for me.

Before doing anything, she asked my age and when I said 13, she asked if my mom was with me. She talked to my mom for abit, to make sure she was alright with me piercing my navel...but after they finished talking, my mom went back to the waiting room....she didn't wanna see the neddle or anything. My piercer took me to the back corner of the shop and had me sit in a chair that's back moves down like a lazy boy so you can lay down. She explained everything she was doing (cleaning, getting out sterilized needles and clamps...) and made sure I really wanted it. While she did everything to prepare what she needed, she changed her gloves after each step. She had to of gone through atleast 7 pairs. That made me a bit more relaxed. She had me pick out a bead for the ring and had me sit down, lay back, and undo my pants and roll up my shirt abit. She came over and cleaned my navel and then marked to spots (one on top, one on the bottom) of where she was going to pierce me and put the clamps on. She kept talking to me as she did each step and made sure I was comfortable. Then she brought over a plastic, vaccume sealed bag, opened it infront of me and pulled the needle out of it so I knew it was clean. I laid back, shut my eyes, and took a deep breath. She said, "ok here we go" and she did it. I felt like a little prick, but other then that, it was totally painless!! Then she got the ring, put it in (which hurt more then the piercing...it pinched a bit when she pulled the neddle out but, nothing tragic). After the neddle was out, she took the sharp end of it and bend it over with pliers so it couldn't be used it again and threw it away. When she tried to put the bead in, she had a bit of trouble, but after she got it in and squeezed it close...I loved it!

She had me stay in the chair for a bit, to make sure I didn't get dizzy and explained how to take care of it and what to buy to clean it. She told me to get a antiseptic cream called Savlon and to use peroxide. She also told me to cover it with a band-aid when I go to bed to make sure it didn't get caught on anything. Then I paid and tiped her and left. Evey morning, lunch hour and evening, I washed it out with peroxide and then put some of the Savlon on it. Even with me washing it about every 4 hours, it still got a bit of an infection. It got that gross, crusty stuff that you get after you get your ears pierced and it was red around the top hole. It wasn't that bad though...it wasn't as gross as it sounds. I had a doctor look at it just to make sure it wasn't bad and he said it would be fine if I just kept cleaning it.

The first night wasn't to bad for pain, but the next day, it throbbed a bit. For the first couple nights, three at the most, it was uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach. The ring and band-aid rubbed on the bed and it got irrated and throbbed more. It throbbed a little all the time for about a week and then after that, it was fine. I didnt even notice it anymore....except when it rubbed against my pants when I leaned over my desk at school, but that was alright....just alittle uncomfortable.

After a few months and it was all healed up, I went back and got my circular barbell. When I got it, and had the owner of Artistic Impressions put it in for me, I loved it even more! I think it looks good on me cuz when I had the CBR, it always got pushed to one side and there was little dimple where the bead was and it hurt alittle to move it to the other side to clean it, but with my barbell, it was striaght and alot more comfortable.

Never once have I regretted getting my navel pierced. Now that I've got one piercing (other then my ears) I want more. They're addictive! I hope to get my tongue done soon...as soon as I convince my mom to let me. If your thinking about getting it done, go for it! You can cover it up easier then a facial piercing for when you hafta go out and it doesn't hurt at all...not to mention, all the guys I've shown absolutly LOVE it. They're facinated with navel rings! You'll love it.

Thanks BME for providing such good info. on piercings for everyone.  All

those news shows that talk about piercings, only show the bad parts....like people who's piercings got really grossly infected and I don't hink you can make an intelligent decision on getting a piercing with going by that alone. Thanks again!

~Tamara St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada

PS~ If your thinking about getting your navel pierced too and have any questions that you wanna ask me...e-mail me at tamara484@yahoo.com


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on: 15 July 1999
in Navel Piercing

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