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It started out as a dare from some of my friends at work who had all had their navel pierced. They had all gotten it done in their teens, and I was already in my late twenties. The person that I knew best recommended me to go to the place that he went to, to get his navel pierced. In case he wants his identity to remain anonymous, I will call him Bob. So Bob and I went down to this nice little store in Manhattan. At first I was hoping on going to some nice hospital-like place for its sanitary, but when I went inside, it could be easily seen that this was a very clean place. The entire place smelled like bleach because he probably disinfected his all of his tools with bleach or some other strong cleaning solution. I must add that any people thinking of getting any piercing that they make sure the place looks clean, because getting any place pieced could lead to infections if the place is not sanitary.

When I went in there, a guy was standing there asking me

where I wanted to get pierced. Bob started talking to him as if he knew him real well and said to him, "This boy here going to get his navel pieced like I did." There was pretty much no chance of chickening out of this one now. The guy first asked me to show ID, so I gave him my driver's license, and then he asked me for $60, part of it for the pierce, and some of it to buy a ring. The guy told me to pick my first ring, and he said to choose one that was 24K gold because they are less irritating for the first ring. I chose one that looked like a ring, but had a nice ball in the front. Then he told me to take of my shirt and lie down on a chair that looked kind of like a dentist chair. He first added some numbing cream to my navel area, than he put on some red antibacterial stuff. He then put on some gloves before touching any of the tools. If anyone is planning on getting pierced, gloves are another safety precaution that should be taken. He then dipped the ring in some alcoholic solution, and told me that he was going to start, and I closed my eyes. I do this because I can take pain when I don't see it, if I see any blood, it seems as if the pain just comes out of nowhere. Because I closed my eyes, I don't know what he did, but I felt a little pinch, and a few seconds later, Bob yelled to me, "You are now officially a man!" It was the kind of joke Bob liked to say. If I said that I did not feel any pain, I would be lying, but the pain was not that much. I have gotten paper cuts that hurt more than the piercing, and I definitely does not hurt as much as when I get a finger jammed in the door. When I left, he gave me some kind of ear-care-solution that I was supposed to wash my navel with everyday to stop infection.

It was a fun experience because I did not know what to

expect from the piercing and it turned out not to be painful at all. I had heard some stories of people feeling a lot of pain from getting a pierce, but it turned out not to be at all. When I got home, I took the solution and poured it over my navel to clean it out, and enjoy my new piece of jewelry. The guy had pierced it on the top of my navel. I am happy that I never got any kind of infection from this, so I guess the place I went to was definitely very good. I went and bought a silver ring to replace to gold one because I like the color silver more. I still keep my first one because obviously, it is the first, but I don't change the ring because I like the silver one that I bought from him later.

. I also showed of my ring to my colleagues at worked, and

they were surprised because they did not think that I would get a navel piecing because I am Chinese, and Chinese are stereotypically more conservative. The response I got from them was very good, though and in the end I am very happy with my piercing. Because my experience was so good, I might think about going there and getting a double ring piece on my eyebrow. I would to this because I have always thought that getting those tiny rings on ones eyebrow look pretty cool


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Navel Piercing

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