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sexy navel

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Hello I am Janet, i am 17 yrs old and I have been wanting to get a navel piercing for the longest time. I got the courage to ask my mom, (a waste of time) she said no, but i didn't give up. One day I was looking through a magazine and there was this ad showing a girl with her navel done. It looked so cute and i decided to show my parents, after trying and talking to them, they were convinced! I was so excited! (Actually to my surprise my dad was the one who said I could do it and he was the one who convinced my mom!)

That same day I called my cousin Evelyn and told her about it, she's also been wanting to get her navel pierced also, she came over the next day and we started our research. I was on the internet looking for stuff here on BME while she was on the phone calling up places asking a bunch of questions. Some of those places we called were so rude, defenitly not taking the chance to go there. We finally found a spot and they said walkins were welcome. We were so hyped up we just took off with out thinking it twice.

Once we arrived the place it intimidated me,parked outside were all these motorcycles and the place had bars on the windows with black lights as you entered which was pretty cool, then as u entered the place it was clean with good lighting which relieved me quite a bit. (My aunt was with us) We walked in and talked to the lady at the desk, we filled out all the paper work. She was very nice. The guy that was going to pierce us walked out asking who was firt.... I looked at my cousin and she sighed and laughed saying she would do it first. I waited nervously with my aunt looking at all their tatoo designs and body jewelry (I at first wanted to get a tatoo, but i decided not yet) then my cousin walked out and smiling, I asked her how did it go and she said there was blood everywhere and an incredible pain! (she just wanted to scare me) She started laughing and said she was just playing and told me it was my turn. I took a deep breath and walked in.

The guy was a big bald guy with lots of tatoos, i was like Oh My Gosh, he's going to do what to me????but he was such a nice guy making me feel comfortable. He first cleaned my navel area. He then got a marker thing and marked the spot for the ring to be placed. He then told me to lie down, i was shaking at this time. I was scared since i am petite I thought he would have a hard time clamping me. He told me to relax, and i was making sure everything was taken out of the package and that he had gloves on, which he did. He clampled me and I was like "here goes nothing" I closed my eyes and felt a pinch (honestly it didn't hurt at all!, nor did i feel faint or anything!) and then he put the ring through. I was like "are u done?" he just laughed and said "that was it." I got up and looked at it. There was a cute little silver 14g ring in my navel, It was a little red but no bleeding. I walked outside and showed my aunt and cousin, my aunt thought they looked so cute she ended up getting it done too! We paid the 30 dollars which was a good price, he then told us how to take care of it and gave us some instruction sheet. We all drove home happy, as soon as we got home we took all these pictures for memories.

As instructed, i cleaned my ring with antibacterial soap and that sea salt thing. The first night i cleaned it with the soap, I'm not going to lie to you, it stung so bad! it was worse than the piercing itself! but the as the days passed the stinging slowly diminished after every cleaning. It has now been about 3 weeks and it's healing pretty good. My belly ring is definatly a part of me now. I love to show it off, I've always been working hard to have my tummy in shape and now with the piercing, guys go crazy and they love it! I also love it! Im not gonna say its painless because the cleaning is not! (for me it wasn't) and it takes a lot or resposibility, my friends think that i'm crazy but they also think its cool, so if u think u got what it takes go for it, just remember it takes at least 3 months for it to heal..

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at LatinDivaa@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Navel Piercing

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