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Navel from Hell

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I had been thinking about getting pierced since age 14. I loved the look of many of the piercings I had seen on others and decided I wanted to get my eyebrow as well as my tongue pierced, but most of all, I wanted my navel pierced. After looking at some of the pictures at BME, I decided to go for it and get my navel pierced.

I had discussed my piercing plans with my mom who, at first, thought I was completely insane for wanting any of this done. But after a long battle with her over getting an extra hole put into my body, she agreed to let me get my navel pierced as my 16th birthday present. So after calling around to many of the shops here in Las Vegas, we decided to go to Diversity. My stepdad grabbed the camera, then all three of us (my mom, my stepdad, and I) loaded into the car and headed towards the shop.

On the way there I was so calm, which was very suprising since I was well aware that a needle would shortly be going through my skin and a foreign object would be put in it's place to stay. We got into the shop and talked with one of the girls there. She asked me what I was looking for and I picked out a CBR, bright purple, which fits my personality.

She took mine and my mom's driver's licenses and made us fill out some forms and a questionnaire. One of the questions on there was if I was on any drugs or medications. I was hesitant to answer this one so I asked the girl about it. I had been in the hospital and just got out the previous day and was on percocet for pain medication. But it turns out I could still get the piercing. I was relieved and grew more anxious and more nervous as the time seemed to slowly go by.

While we were waiting we looked at some of the various jewelery that they had until finally it was time for me to go to the back room. I took one look at Tim and became very frightened all of a sudden. His appearance gave me the heebie jeebies, a lot of piercings (especially a really thick nose ring) and tattoos all over his arms. But he talked with me and made me feel really comfortable. He turned out to be a nice guy and he did an excellent job I might add!

I followed Tim into the back room and my mom and stepdad reluctantly followed (Tim also had a friend in the room to view my experience). "Unbutton your pants." Now I don't know about anybody else, but if you walk into a room with some strange guy you've just met and that's the first thing he tells you is to unbutton your pants, it tends to make you cautious and it added to the nervousness.

I was reluctant at first, but I unbuttoned my pants and tucked them towards my stomach and tucked my shirt up under my bra like I was instructed. He put on some surgical gloves and cleaned the area very thouroughly while talking with me. We talked as if he was a long lost friend, which put me at ease and made me relax. He had me stand on a stool and mark the entrance/exit holes with a blue felt tip marker and had me look at it to see if that's how I wanted it to look. Then he had me lay down on the table. By this time my legs were shaking a little bit because the realization hit me, this is really happening.

He told me to look at the concentrate on my breathing, slow deep breaths and to try not to think about what was going to happen. But how can you not think about a needle, a very sharp needle going through your skin? I looked at the ceiling and tried to find some designs in the tiles above my head. This seemed to calm me down and I was actually able to take my mind what was going to happen...

Until he put the clamp on that is. Now I didn't get to see what the clamp looked like cuz it was in a package while I was standing during the cleaning, but I swear those things have some sharp teeth! Then I heard some words that sent chills through my body, "Uhoh.." Tim said, "there's a little problem."

Okay, this is good. I'm laying on a table awaiting a needle and there's a problem, what could be wrong? He said that he had to readjust the clamp and go deeper than we originally agreed on. (Thanks for that adrenaline rush and the butterflies in my stomach.) I told him I still wanted the piercing and he readjusted the clamp, this time the clamp wasn't as bad, not as much bite in it this time around.

So I looked at the ceiling again and Tim instructed me to begin my breathing exercises once more. I took some deep breaths, in and out and then I felt the strangest sensation. The needle had gone through, it didn't hurt at all! He threaded the ring through and tightened the bead. Then he told me to sit up and have a look. From the moment I saw it I loved it!

Tim went over all the instructions on how to take care of my new piercing. I have to wash my hands and clean the piercing with anti-bacterial soap twice a day while taking a shower and make sure to turn it. Another thing I do is salt water soaks which seem to help the redness. "If you have any questions feel free to call the shop at any time and I'll be more than happy to help you." he chimed in.

He asked me if I was okay to stand up and I told him I was, then my mom joked and said that she better take a turn sitting down on the table cuz watching the needle go through made her dizzy and she almost passed out. That was surprising because my stepdad hates needles and he took pictures throughout the whole procedure and didn't mind but my mom, the tough one, wanted to pass out. L

I stood up and buttoned my pants and then Tim shook my hand and said, "It's been a pleasure meeting you Miss Navel-from-Hell. You were the most difficult navel piercing I have ever done. Wish I had abs like yours!" I flashed a big smile, thanked him for the great job and headed out of the shop.

Now it's one week later and the pictures that were taken have been added to my photo album. I've taken good care of the piercing and it hasn't hurt a bit since I got it done. At first I didn't have any questions, but when I got home I had a few questions; Would I be able to go swimming during the full 6-9 month healing period? Do I have to start cleaning it that night?

What do I do in case of infection? Tim was very happy to answer these questions. I found out I wasn't supposed to go swimming for the initial healing period, which was a little disappointing since I live in Vegas and it does get hot, but I would have still gotten the piercing anyway. I did have to start cleaning that night, which was a little painful, but nothing bad. He said that infections were common with navel piercings because they are deep, and with mine I would be more prone to them because he had to go a little deeper than intended, but if it did happen it's nothing to worry about. Just keep taking care of it and DO NOT take the jewelery out.

I think it was well worth getting the piercing, I love the look and I was surprised at how little pain there was during the procedure, just that mean little clamp. Don't be fooled by the title, that's just my nickname at the shop now. ;) I would definately recommend getting this done to anybody who is interested in this. One thing is for sure, that was definately a birthday to remember.

Thanks for listening to my story, hopefully I'll have a tongue and eyebrow story to add in the near future.

Lish (lish@nudeep.com)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Navel Piercing

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