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Krystal Pierces Her Bellybutton!!!

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I guess you could say that the first time belly button piercing crossed my mind was when I was twelve. I don't remember where I got the idea from, I think I had just noticed it somewhere and thought "Cool, I'd really like one of those!!" So, I used to sit in my room at night with the door locked trying to shoce this huge needle through the skin above my navel, numbing the area with ice before hand. I never got the needle all the way through though, as I found the skin used to 'stick' to the needle! It was weird and used to hurt a bit! So, I gave up for a while. I never bothered asking my mum to let me get it done, 'cause I knew she'd say no and that would be it.

Some years later, I was fifteen and my best friend and I decided to have a go at the home job again. So, we started numbing with ice and proceeded to trying to push big needles through our navels. We were big wusses and it took hours! Literally!! About two hours later, I finally got fed up with pussying around and trying to do it gently, so I shoved really hard and it made this sick popping sound! I was very proud of myself at this point and put a sleeper through my new hole, this was my first mistake (note: you should NOT do this!! Don't ever put jewellery made for your ear through any other peircings!!). My best friend, Kate, meanwhile was having trouble. She just couldn't bring herself to do it. So I said "Give me your needle!!" and I pushed really hard and the weird sickening "pop!" noise went off again. Kate looked down in disbelief and thought she was going to through up!!! But she got over it and we slipped a sleeper in hers too. We were pretty proud of ourselves and showed our friends at school the next day. Most thought it was pretty cool that we did it ourselves, but some were a bit grossed out 'cause they were pretty red and irritated. We didn't bother cleaning them or wearing appropriate clothes that wouldn't irritate the piercing, so that was our second mistake.

Inevitably, we both got a bit infected and the piercing migrated out. They left gross scars and we both regretted doing it, but we always look at them now when we go to the beach and say we'll never forget doing it.

Fast forward two more years.... Driving around one day with Kate, I remembered how I wanted to get my bellybutton pierced AGAIN! She had decided not to worry about it anymore but agreed to find a PROPER place to get my peircing done. No more home jobs, thankyou! So, after about three hours of searching for a peircing parlor, we found a place called "Pierced and Proud" at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. I was chicken and stood outside for ages before even going inside the shop but finally walked in, 'cause Kate was getting bored with me. Inside, it was a little weird. The jewellery looked pretty cool , except for the weird ones made of bone and stuff. There were people sitting around with tattooes and a few piercings, nothing too out there, so I felt better. I didn't look through any of the photo albums they had there 'cause I didn't want to get scared out of this now! I had been waiting for this moment subconsciously for six years, remember! Anyhow, I walked over to the counter and picked out a cute barbell with a mauve gem in the end of it and filled out the release forms and disclaimer. Then the girl called out to the piercer lady, Layla. She had a lot of piercings and a few tattoes but seemed quite nice. I went inside this room with pictures on the wall of jewellery and stuff, pretty cool, it took my mind off of what I was about to do. She went through all the stuff she was supposed to tell me before doing the piercing so quick! It was like she was reciting a poem in fast forward. I didn't hear most of it, but got the general idea.

So, she asked me to unbutton my jeans (hint: don't wear jeans when you go to get a naval piercing unless they are really low hipsters) and proceeded to mark my button with a red pen. It seemed to take ages for her to get them right, because she told me that my bellybutton has more fat on one side than the other!! How embarrassing, but anyway...

After I said I was happy with the markings, she got me to lay on this folding chair/table thing and just relax and breathe deep. Her voice got really calming and soothing around this point, which was great and helped me relax a little more although I was sitll scared as shit. She put on gloves and showed me that all the equipment she was going to use was sterile and new. Good! :) She said she was going to put the clamp on me and that kind of pinched a bit. Like a stinging feeling. I was thinking "Gee, those things are tight!" when all of a sudden she goes "Finished!" and I thought, far out, I missed it! I didn't feel the needle at all, just the clamps! And the feeling lasted for about two seconds. It was cool!! I slid off the table 'cause she said you can't just stand up like normal, I was a bit unco but managed. I went outside and Kate was dissapointed that I didn't let her come in to watch!

Anyhow, it bled a bit and hurt for a little while, but nothing major and it didn't worry me. I just put this stuff on from the chemist and swam at the beach a bit and it healed up pretty good. That was three months ago and it is alright now, looks good and I am very happy with it!! Sometimes, though, it still has a whitish yellow gooey stuff come out but no problems! Just bung some stuff on from the chemist and it's cool! Oh, and it gets caught on stuff sometimes because I think the barbell is a little too long. I'm waiting to change the jewellery, can't wait!

So, I recommend getting this done. Don't try and do it at home like I did, especially don't put ear jewellery in it!! Duh, that was a dumb thing to do. I forgot to mention that the reason the clamps hurt was because I had two lots of scar tissue on my naval from the two attempts I made at doing the piercing myself. Save yourself the trouble and get it done by the professionals. Pierced and Proud were good and CLEAN! So, if you have any comments or questions or hate mail, go for it. flygirl_krystal@hotmail.com

:) Krystal


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Navel Piercing

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