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Little rich girl gets pierced

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When I turned 17, everything in my life seemed to change.  I went

from the little rich girl to what some called the little hippie girl. I personally wouldn't go that far with the comparison, but that gives you some idea as to how drastic some of the changes were. I used to be very conservative, and I guess I still am. If you didn't know me personally, you would never expect to find my modifications hidden under my clothing, be it the preppy gear which I wear to school or the hippie clothes that I prefer. Often times I get categorized with a Barbie doll, and she is not pierced. But, I am...

I had always been interested in body modifications-on other people

that is, but I had never even fathomed adorning my self with any kind of ornamentation. Then, one day, I decided that I wanted to add to my body, make it my own if you will...and, I decided to go for it. I decided that I would pierce my navel. That's discrete and mainstream enough. But, I also decided to wait until I graduated high school, which at the time was over a year away. It took over a month for me to cave in and just go for it. I had one of my best friends on my side, and she helped me make the arrangements.

You have to keep in mind that I live in a conservative southern city.

In order to get any type of modification, you have to travel to the not-so-desirable part of town, and even there they are rather strict about minors and modifications. But, once again, I was in luck. I had connections at a reputable studio.

I remember that we went on a Monday.  I went with two of my best

friends. One had already been pierced earlier in the year, and the other was planning on taking the plunge that same day. We also we joined by a couple of our "spectator friends."

When we got there, the piercer was just finishing up a customer.  To

the best of my recollection, it was a labret, but don't hold me to it. The wait wasn't long, and soon we were called back to one of the two rooms. My friend went first, as she is definitely the most adventuresome of the group. I think the biggest mistake I made was watching the guy pierce her. I'm not one for needles, so after this, I had my doubts. It took a while for me to calm down and make it to the chair, and when I finally did, I was still apprehensive. But, the time had come.

I remember being told that the clamps were the worst part, but quite

frankly, I barely noticed them. Maybe it was my state of mind, who knows...I was holding someone's hand for dear life, and the next thing I remember, they told me he was done and was just finishing put the ring in. I felt a pinch when he snapped the ball in place, but all was well.

As for aftercare, we were told to put betadine and dial soap on the

piercing for the first three months, and then just wash it daily in the shower. For about the first two weeks, all went well. There was the slight formation of crusties, but just what I had been told to expect. But, then, when I happened to be out of town for the week, I began to form a keloid on the bottom half of the piercing. I had to call the local piercer, and she suggested I switch to bactine, and that the scar would eventually shrink, but it would just take time. IT was frustrating, but definitely a relief to know that I wasn't dying.

The total healing took almost a year.  The keloid has shrunk down to

skin level, and I had changed from a CBR to a curved barbell, which I think looks better on me. Would I do it again? Maybe...I'm not too keen on other piercing, I am now pursuing a degree in education, which isn't so tolerant to things like that, so I'm trying to conform-slightly. So, I'm content with my ears and navel.

I just want to say that even though I picked a rather mainstream

modification doesn't mean at all that I'm a conformist. I'm used to all sorts of remarks. I'm not a freak, I'm just me. I have fun with life and make everything my own in some way, shape or form. That's what I did with my body. And since this piercing, I have added two tattoos to my "canvas". To me, it is truly a personal experience that I would not trade for the world.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Navel Piercing

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