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navel experience

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I had wanted to get my belly button pierced for about a year when my parents finally gave in and let me do it for my 15th birthday. My mom was totally against it (referring to it as my "body desicration"), but my dad helped me sell her on it. I went to get it done a few days after my birthday at a place called Ink Addiction. Three of my close friends and my dad went with me. I waited in the tiny lobby for what seemed like forever, trying not to be too nervous. I could hear the equipment in one of the back rooms buzzing away as somebody got a tattoo. My dad wasn't too convinced that we had come to the right place, probably because of the interesting "art" hanging from the walls (black-light 3-d plaques of snarling skulls, etc). I told him that if he had been expecting something resembling a doctor's office, he had been mistaken. Finally somebody came out of the back room to help me. The piercer, Joe (who was a cutie!), was very professional about the whole deal. He made me & my dad provide ID, and then I had to go get a form notorized and come back. When I came back he told me to choose one of my friends to go back with me. I chose my best friend, and Joe lead me back into the little piercing room, put his gloves on, and started preparing the equipment. I noticed that he was changing his gloves like every 3 seconds while he was getting stuff ready, so I guess that was good. He showed me the jewelery he was going to use, which was an 18 gauge ring (I have a small belly button) with a shiny blackish/silverish bead. It wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind, I'd really wanted a silver horseshoe, but Joe didn't give me a choice and I was too nervous at that point to even ask about it. (Later I decided I really liked the ring, so it all worked out) By this time, I was totally freaking out, and I remarked "This is going to hurt, huh?". Joe said, "Nah". Then he marked where he would pierce me (on the top) of my navel. Changing his gloves again (as he continued to do every step of the way) he cleaned the area. By this time I was almost trembling with fear. (I'm a wuss, what can I say?) He then attempted to put on the clamps, which resemble a big pair of tweezers, with teeth. This took quite a while, and he kept taking them off and putting them back on because he wasn't satisfied with their placement. Then he had me lay down and tried putting the clamps on like that, explaining that it might be easier because I don't really have a defined lip on the top of my belly button. At this point I remember noticing a sign on the ceiling stating "No cry babies!" and thinking, 'oh, great' (I'm the biggest wuss). He finally got the clamp the way he wanted it (it pinched a little) and he went and got the needle. My best friend came over and held my hand. (The anticipation was practically killing me by now) Joe said, "Do you want me to tell you when I'm going to do it, or just pierce it, like this?" and he stuck the needle in. I felt kind of a burning sensation, but nothing terrible. I had my eyes closed throughout the entire thing, and I finally went to open them when I thought it was done, but my friend said "DON'T LOOK!" (later she told me that the needle was hanging out of my stomach and it wasn't too pretty looking). Then Joe told me he was going to put the ring in. A lot of people say this part hurts the worst, but I didn't really feel anything. It took him quite a while though, because I had a semi-small ring since I have a small belly button. He finally got the bead on the ring, and said "Ok hun, you're pierced!" It was totally worth it, and I was so happy at the lack of pain that I wanted to hug him! :-) I had thought that it would be horrible. If you're thinking about getting you're navel pierced, I would highly reccomend it. The pain isn't great, it isn't too expensive (it cost me 40 bucks), and it looks damn cute. :-)


b.t.w...if you happen to be from the south florida area, i definantly reccomend Ink Addiction, on Monterey Road in Stuart! Joe did a great job! I really want to get my tongue pierced, and if I go through with it, I'll definantly be going back there!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Navel Piercing

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