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My Navel Piercing Experience

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Hi, my name is Becca and I am 15 years old. I was reading through all of these peoples experiences and thought why don't I put mine on the site too! I hope you all like it!

Ok, this is how it goes. I have always wanted my belly button pierced since I was in, like, 6th grade, keep in mind now I'm in 9th. So I was always bugging my mom to let me get it! And of course I get the, " when your 18, you can do whatever you want to your body!" So here I am, just out of the blue, thinking about getting it done! So I say to myself, "maybe she'll ( my mom) let me get it done now that I'm older. So I go and ask her, and to my surprise she says "YES!!" I was so happy!!

A few days later, I get my $50 from my dad, and tell my mom I want it done the next day! She says ok! So that night, i'm sitting up on the computer reading all these peoples expierances, and I'm starting to get really nervous!! I almost changed my mind! The people that wrote these things are crazy! Saying it hurt so bad... blah blah blah! IT DIDN'T HURT AT ALL!!!!

Ok, I wake up in the morning all pumped up and read to do this because I've wanted it done so bad! I called my friend and told her to come with me because I was scared! So off the the piercing studio we go!! I get there and am speechless! My mom had to tell the guy what I wanted to get! All the people there were really nice! So the guy(and he was a hottie!!!!) gives my mom this paper to sign, since I'm not 18 you need parent concent. He goes back into this little room and starts to get all of the stuff ready. And let me tell you I was shaking so bad!! After a few minutes pass, he asks me if I'm ready. I say yep, and walk back into the room, dragging my friend with me! I stood up straight while he took a black marker and marked the spot where the needle was going to go through. Then he told me to unbutton my pants and fold them under so they didn't touch my belly button if they started to slide up. Then he tells me to lay down on this table thing! It looked so much like an operating table! hahaha So I'm lying there on this table with my pants unbuttoned and my shirt pulled half way up my stomach.(sounds fun huh?) At this moment in time, I am holding my friends hand because I was so nervous! I looked over at her and she seemed just as nervous as I did! I have no idea why, but she looked it!

By this time he is already cleaning the spot where he is gonna pierce, and then puts this clamp around the dot and pulls the skin up so he can put the needle through. Then I felt a little tiny poke, and he says, " YOUR PIERCED!!" I was like WHAT?!?! I was so surprised that all I felt was a little tiny prick! I sitting there tinking it gonna hurt so bad and make me want to cry, and I didn't even really feel it!! Then he told me he was putting the ring in, and then he put the ball on. Simple as that!! No pain at all!!!!!!! It did bleed for a few seconds, but thats ok, it's normal. He gave me a paper with the instructions on how to care for it. It said to use Bactine to clean it. And to clean it 3-7 times a day depending on how well you wanted it to heal. And of course I wanted it to heal as quick as possible! So I cleaned it 7 or even more times daily! And now it's all better!!!

The next day it hurt just a little bit. It was red though. And it stayed red for about 2 weeks! I was getting scared that it was infected!! But now i've had it for about a month already!! And it's doing great! No more pain, and no more red! WOW! And I LOVE IT!!! Now all I have to get is my tattoo and I'm done!

As for any one that wants to get your navel pierced! DO IT!!! It doesn't hurt at all! I'm telling you! You'll love it!!

If anyone has any questions please e-mail me at: Kiddo421@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Navel Piercing

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