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RollerCoaster Ride Navel Pierce

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Well after my first tattoo experience I decided I needed another hole in my body (for I have enough of them in my head...does anyone need one? LOL).

Now I know there are a lot of you out there wondering about a piercing and wanting to know things such as, Does it hurt and how long does it take to heal? Well just for you, I will cover these topics! Now I opted to go for the famous (or infamous?) navel ring! I am not exactly sure what motivated me to do this, maybe because it is easier to hide from the general public or just because Im a nut. Well one Friday I called up my best friend and told her that she had to drive me somewhere the next Friday and I needed to stay at her house for that night. She quickly agreed and my mind was set. The week passed slower than any other week in history (maybe an exaggeration there, but lets just say so, okay?) and on Friday--payday--I got out money from the ATM and I picked up my best friend and off we went.

Now I want to clarify that I not a dependant person, I did not NEED to have someone there with me. I just wanted her there in case I was too sick to drive (my neighbor had hers done a year ago and she told me it hurt like hell and she didnt get to drive home). So for safety precautions...you see?

Anyway, after her encouraging and supportive comments for the entire drive we made it to none other than the Inkwell (I have my tat experience on here somewhere, you should read it too...LOL). Luckily there was no one in front of me and I told the lady what I wanted. I pick out jewelry which I was kind of hasty in doing because I wanted to get in get pierced and get out.

I picked the standard piercing jewerly (and I plan on changing it before long) and she prepared the room while I filled out papers. She checked my license and said follow me. Now at this point in time you could actually see the adrenaline bubbling out my eyeballs and I could barely get up off the couch.

I follow her into this back room and I am re-running all the news stories I have ever heard about young girls/back rooms and abortions (implying only lack of being clean). The room was warm and the table was cold and I was nervous!!! I wasn't concerned about pain, I have experience plenty of that, I was just concerned with what my husband would think. You see, he is stationed in the Meditterranean Sea right now (has been there for 5 months and has one more to go) and I wanted to think up all kinds of goody surprises for him when he gets home!

She told me to hop up on the table pull my pants down a bit and my shirt up. She put on gloves and broke out the alcohol and the dreaded orange stuff...then she told me to stand up. She marked me for placement and then I was to lay back down (up and down up and down, can we say roller coaster? I was having the same adrenaline rush!). She gave me a tissue massage "to loosen up the tissue layers" and I was thinking "okay, uh, whatever..."

Then came the dreaded clamps now everyone on BME says, this part is worse. But I have to tell you walking thru the door is worse. Once you have made it that far, then you have conquered the biggest battle. On went the clamps and I breathed in really quickly...enough to get the piercer startled and she said are you okay? I told her that I was not expecting that and I was fine. I was just breathing fine and she was talking so soothingly to me, calming me so much.

Then she said, Okay...now take a deep breath in...and let it out...PRICK. You're done, you're done, all we have to do is close it up and put the ball in... are you okay? OKAY? OKAY? I was fine, better that fine, I was fabulous! I couldn't believe that it was all over with and finished with NO pain, I mean NO pain and so quickly. She finished up, wiped away a speck of blood and gave me the aftercare sheet--told me if I had any questions to call her.

Here I am six weeks later with a lovely addition and the bug has bitten me, I wonder what else I can pierce? (you will see another story soon on the vertical hood-clit page...).

As promised, did it hurt. NO. Mine did not hurt at all when I had it done. Now my neighbor told me that because she is so dark and her skin is so tough, her piercer had to "SHOVE" the needle thru her skin--therefore making hers very painful (hence, her getting sick!). Now I can NOT tell you that it didnt hurt about 4 or 5 hours afterwards. Like I said, I was at my be-fri's house and after we got something to eat and came home, I noticed that sitting down became a challenge. LOL. And that night in bed, I felt like I had gotten a really bad sunburn just on my belly button or had burned myself with a curling iron. HA! As long as I didnt move around too much or lay flat on my stomach then I was fine.

The next morning was still a little tender, but nothing like the day before, sitting came easier to do. I drove home Saturday morning and my mother and I packed up and went to work. I moved furniture out of old offices and into new offices all weekend long and the navel never phased me a bit.

As for healing and cleanup, the first cleaning was f*cking horror. I thought I would never get it to turn and it really hurt. The second time was better and after about 5 times (and a few days) later I was fine and I love to clean it, it feels weird and it is really cool! I have had it about 6 weeks and I still do my cleaning religiously. Every day I clean it with antibactierial soap, run it thru the hole twist the ring and let it stay there about 2 minutes. Then when I get home from work, I put about 2 spoonfuls of epsom salt into about 2 cups of warm water. Then I get one of those blue ear wax removal bulbs (it is brand new) I wash it out really good with the antibacterial soap and then I suck up some of the salt water into it. I slowly and carefully drip it on the top hole and spray it up the bottom hole. I did this because I am so damn clumsy and when the acrobat in me tried to soak it with a cup (or a shot glass) by leaning over and all that jazz...I spilled it all over my pants. Not cool. You do what is good for you.

They take a while to heal (six months...no joke and no real big exceptions) I take one tablet of zinc everyday though. If you take showers everyday then keeping your piercing clean is not big dang deal. I get so sick of ppl saying "oh, it just takes so much upkeep" blah blah blah, shit. HEY! YOU HAVE TO WASH YOUR EARS EVERYDAY, I WOULD SURELY HOPE YOU WOULD WAS YOUR BELLY BUTTON TOO, hell, who likes lint? Not I.

It is totally one of the coolest things I have ever done, I love it and my tattoo....and my newest addition my vertical clit hood...coming to a theater (or BME website) near you!!!

Email, I will write back, I LOVE EMAIL!!! Happy inking and piercing may your experiences be as fab as mine! Thanks!

Heather Fisher piercedandinked95@yahoo.com or mylifepaidinfull@hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Navel Piercing

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