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A Virgin's Piercing Obsession

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Nobody will believe me if I tell them that I have a piercing obsession. Yes, I look ultra conservative from the outside and very professional. But I am so intrigued by the beauty of body piercing. In a way, it is my way to handle my extreme stress (I sure know when I'm extremely stressed out!).

I liked punching the wall when I cannot let out my stress, and I like the pain. But, my knuckles were ruined and I don't want to risk getting a bone fracture!

When I started off to college, it was a big jump for me from High School to university. Being a smart student in HIgh School and suddenly a C student in college really frustrated me. I didn't want to hurt my knuckles anymore so I opted for a ear piercing. I never planned to get it done because I know my parents would freak out. But, I had to get it done to release my stress, and I opted for cartilage piercing. It will be on the top of my ear and with a small stud, I can easily hide it from my parents.

A year after that, I broke up with my first and only boyfriend for good. We maintained to be good friends, though. One day, he broke the news personally to me that he was getting married. I was shocked. Even though there was nothing going on between us anymore, the news stroke me like a thunder. I tried to control myself but I couldn't handle it. I went to the same place to get a second cartilage piercing. The pleasurable pain relieved me from my stress a little bit and I felt better because now my focus was shifted to caring for my new piercing.

Life went on for a few years and a new boyfriend, and now I was stressing out with my new business. Then, I broke up with a stupid ass jerk and business went down. I remembered walking at a mall by my house and saw an accessories boutique. I told her to pierce my cartilage. At this point, piercing has become pretty addictive because breaking up and managing a new business were not too hard to handle. But I just liked the thrill of having a new piercing on my cartilage, again.

Until this point, I managed to keep those piercing from my very conservative parents.

I am a very conservative person too. I'm 25 and a virgin. I hold a very high moral standards and having piercings on my ears does not change me fundamentally.

Until one day, I was surfing the internet, and I was having another stress with my recent relationship. I remember thinking what else I could have it pierced. I wanted my navel to be pierced. I told my best friends and they both said,"Cute." I said,"I'm really gonna do it!" They said,"Uh-huh. That's very cute of you." I said,"OK, I prove it to you, I'll have my navel pierced by next week."

During that week, I did extensive research on the internet about navel piercing, and I was convinced. Did another research on a reputable piercing studio, and found one.

I went there after a business meeting, intending to just check out the cleanliness of the place. But, once I was there, I was so convinced to have it done that day. The piercer explained to me what was gonna happen in the next 5 minutes (that's including the paperwork!).

I have a very high tolerance with pain so I was not too scared.

He was a very gentle person and showed me all the prepackaged tools he was gonna use. I choose a CBR for the jewelry.

He told me to stand up straight and marked the entrance for the needle. It was exactly in the middle and I was satisfied. I said,"Do it."

He made me lay on a doctor table like, and he asked if I was relaxed. I said yes. He kept me engaged in a full conversation and I finally asked him,"Are you doing it???" He said,"It's done." I was amazed!! I didn't feel anything!!! I felt a little pinch, but I thought he was inserting the needle. In fact, he was inserting the ring, and I didn't even feel the needle went through my flesh!!! I looked at myself in the mirror and oh, the ring was very very cute!

Afterwards, he explained the aftercare procedures that I had to follow religiously.

I was so lucky that I didn't and never get any redness. No pain, not even soreness. It was perfect. 100% perfect.

I took 1000mg vitamin C and 60mg Zinc every single day, and fortunately, I was taking antibiotics for my ulcer, so it kinda helped my healing process. After the third day, I started the sea salt soak.

I usually sleep on my belly, but after I got my piercing, I was not able to. Exactly the 7th night, I accidentally shifted to my belly position, and I didn't feel a thing!!!!! Today marked my exact 2-week anniversary of my navel piercing, and I sometimes forgot that it's there.

About my 2 bestfriends, their mouths were wide opened when I showed them my new navel ring. "See, I told you", I said.

I never showed this to anybody else. It's strictly for my own satisfaction. Plus, I like to shock people that behind my conservativeness, I have a hidden obsession for body piercing :)

I am now interested in horizontal hood piercing, and have been doing some research on it.

In a few weeks, I'm going to have it done, and I'll for sure write the low down on the experience again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Navel Piercing

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