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My Belly Button piercing

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I took me a little under a year to talk my parents into letting me get my

belly button pierced. Actually, I guess I should start at the beginning. I don't ever remember where I first heard about people piercing their navels, but I have been entranced with them for about two and a half years now. My boyfriend at the time convinced me that I should have mine done. He was totally into piercings on girls, all kinds of them. Even though I didn't get it until we had broken up I had made up my mind that I wanted it, so I went through with it. And it is the best thing I have ever done

When my mom got hers done about a year ago my dad went totally ballistic, and made her remove her ring after having it only a few hours. That is why I was so hesitant about asking about having mine done. But I finally worked up the courage to ask him. His first answer was No, outright no, not a chance. After about 9 months of my constant harassing he finally gave in on the grounds that I kept a 4.0 GPA. Which I am proud to say that I did.

It was two days before my birthday when my dad finally took me to have it done. I had convinced him to pay for it, and that was all that I got for my birthday. And that was ok with me because that was all I really wanted. I was so scared the entire was to Rock 'n' Roll Emporium in Charlotte, NC. They are really the only place around the area that does piercing that I knew of. Besides a place in the mall, and there was no way I was going there. I highly recommend Rock 'n' Roll to anyone getting a pierced. They are very clean, and the piercer was extremely nice. We got stuck in a huge traffic jam on the way and I was so tense I was ready to jump out of the car and run over to the shop.

When we got there I went straight up to the counter and proceeded to tell

the guy I wanted my belly button pierced. I knew if I didn't go straight up there, I would never go through with it. And then I would have kicked myself for days. I had to wait in this long line of people and I was getting more nervous by the second. By the time the piercer came and told me it was my turn I was shaking. I had heard stories about belly rings rejecting, and hurting really bad. There was no piercing room or anything, just a gray chair behind the counter.

He told me to sit down, lean back, and pull up by shirt, which I did.  All

the while I was shaking more and more. He cleaned the area with some kind of antibacterial solution. He took the clamps and needle out of those sterile vacuum pouch things. Then put the clamps on, which I really didn't even feel. Then, he put the needle through, I watched the whole thing, and honestly, I really couldn't feel a thing. He put the ring, 14g-½ in., and that was it. I was in shock, all I could say was that's it? You're done? While I was still there the ring was not exactly in the center, but a little to the left. That I really didn't mind at all, but it has migrated to the center beautifully and is almost in the exact center now, right where I wanted it.

He gave me some ear care solution and some Dial anti-bacterial soap and

told me to call if I had any problems. Which I am happy to say that I have had none. I was on a total adrenaline rush for days. It has now almost completely healed up and looking beautiful. It is still a little red, but has completely stopped oozing and crusting. It never got infected even in the slightest. For a few days it hurt a little to press on it, and I could not sleep on my stomach for about a week I guess. Only about a month and a half later it is perfect. I have already taken one ring out and swapped it for one with a prettier blue crystal on it. I did keep it at 14g though, I don't think I will be stretching it at all.

I can't wait to get my next piercing, I think I am going to go for some more in my ears, nothing too extreme. I definitely recommend a belly button piercing for anyone. Happy Piercing!

If you have any questions at all or just want to say anything to me my e-mail addy is srm215@mindspring.com I will mail you back


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Navel Piercing

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