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belly story

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I had wanted to pierce my belly button for a few years.  I'm 18 now

and I had actually put this desire to get pierced in the back of my mind, that is until a few people at school got theirs pierced. So I thought about getting pierced, seriously this time. My parents were okay with it. They had taken on the "you are now eighteen and this is a small battle that I won't fight" mentality. My friends were encouraging. The problem was my boyfriend. We have been together for over a year and a half and he's very conservative. He would say things like "why would you want to alter your body, I love it the way it is". So I had mixed emotions. I wanted to get this done, but I didn't want him to think less of the way that I looked. I finally told him that I was very serious in getting it done, and he told me that he would support whatever my choice was and the way he felt about me wouldn't change. Ok, so I was going to do it. The problem was no money.

The place that I was going to get pierced at charged $53.  I didn't

have that much and there was no way my parents were giving it to me. So I found the money throughout my room... in change. All in change. I had it converted to dollars in the bank and went the next day to pierce my belly button.

We  (my mom and I)  arrived at the piercing/tattoo salon a little

early, but there was already a crwod of about ten people waiting outside. Great, I thought, I'm nervous and now I have to wait longer. I guess I was nervous about the pain, although I knew that it would only hurt for a second. The doors finally opened, but lucky me, everyone there was getting a tattoo. The piercing guy called me over, asked what kind of piercing I wanted, and I signed the consent forms. Then he pulled out the ring he was going to put in. It looked so thick!! So I started getting nervous again. I think it was 12 guage, while I was expecting 14. He lead me into the piercing area. It looked like a hospital: white with bright lights. He asked me to stand up straight and tuck my shirt into my ba to expose my stomach. Then he swiped my navel with an antibacterial lotion. He made a dot with a marker on my stomach to mark where he would pierce and then he made me lie down on a flat table. I told him that I would rather not see the needle, so while he was getting prepared he made me look away. I had done alot of research on BME and knew that the clamp would be the next step. Well, I was so wrong. No clamp. But I didn't realize this until the neddle as half way through my belly button. He just had me lie down and then he pushed the needle through. I was extremely surprised, to say the least. And then I started realizeing the pain. The pain really is manageable. It is sort of a stinging pain, but the good thing is that by the time you realize that it hurts, the needle is already through, which takes about 2 seconds. Then my piercer went to get the ring. I had heard that putting the ring through hurt. It did a little, but again it was over so fast that you hardly know whats happening. The whole process took less than a minute. He put the bead on and told me to pick up the aftrecare sheet and I could go. I didn't feel any pain after that, I just was concious of how heavy the ring was. But that passed in about a minute. Riding in the car was a little sore, but I leaned the seat back and couldn't feel thing. Now, 7 hours later or so I'm fine. It doesn't hurt unless I climb the stairs too fast or sit or stand to suddenly. I'm not good with pain at al, but I swear this doesn't hurt. Much much less than after getting your ears pierced. No joke. So, if you are thinking of doing this, I would do some research, and then make a decision. But don't not do it because of the pain. It only lasts a second.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Navel Piercing

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