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My Second Navel Ring!

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Hello piercing people out there. About 2 hours ago I got my navel pierced for the second time. I'd like to tell you what went through my mind, and in the end... through my navel. First off, I'm an 18 year old guy from Orlando, Florida. I've got 5 other piercings right now. My left lobe has a 12g 3/4" titanium CBR, and a 14g 1/2" black niobium CBR. My upper navel ring has a 14g 1/2" titanium BBB w/slave. I have a 10g 3/4" blue niobium CBR in my Prince Albert piercing. And lastly, a 14g 3/4" green niobium CBR in my hafada. I am allergic to surgical stainless steel (SSS) and have very hard times healing with it and keeping it healed afterward. Now that that's out of the way, here comes my experience:

My girlfriend, Mary, has a lip ring. Her parents were really iffy about her getting anything else. She finally talked them into a navel ring. I told her I'd get mine done a second time and we set the date for Friday, March 19th. I went to her house at about 1PM ready to go at 4. She's still 15 so her parents would have to sign for her. About 7PM we found out that her folks wouldn't be home at quickly as we were hoping. I was too psyched, so I had to go anyway, even if she couldn't. She still went with me and we headed downtown to Unity (www.unitystore.com). Since the owner wasn't in to okay my being pierced in niobium (I had the ring with me) I had to go elsewhere. I wound up going to Venus & Mars. They did my other navel ring a few months before. That was the most painful experience I've ever had. My skin was so hard that it took two pushes for the needle to break the skin, and 5-10 seconds to get it through. This doesn't tend to happen on women's navels I don't think, so don't get scared out of it.

The piercer at Venus & Mars was out getting some food. When he got back, he took a look at my navel to make sure the bottom was piercable. He said it was fine, and took my ring to clean it while I paid $20 and filled out the paperwork. Mary and I sat and waited. After about 20 minutes he called me back. Mary came in to watch since she'd be getting one soon herself. The room was very well cleaned. They'd moved it since the last time I was there. It was bigger this time. He had all the equipment laid out and we got ready. I took my shirt off for it instead of just holding it up like last time. This was a good idea. It took a long time. He said it'd be better to take the slave off my BBB in the upper ring so he could pierce better. I told him that I wanted the new ring to go through the slave. He said it'd be no problem.

He got out a marker and started to mark the entry and exit holes. As he was doing this, he warned me that there was a 60/40 chance (in my favor) that it'd migrate. He also said not to be too concerned, it would take 3 or more years to do so. In marking the holes, he noticed that my first ring was slightly crooked. This is probably because of how hard it was to pierce it. I said to just make the marks perfectly straight since with two rings it would be hard to notice the difference. We agreed, I okayed the marks and then laid down.

After a quick glove change, we were ready to begin. He put the clamps on and adjusted them many times. Mary was watching very closely. I could tell just by the clamps that this would be as painful as the last. The clamps were tightened, and I began my normal breathing technique. I started to drown the whole world out. I practice meditation, so this comes easily to me. I think he told me he was ready and told me some breathing techniques, but I wasn't paying attention. I felt the needle go in. I couldn't tell if he was done or not, so I broke my concentration to find out that it was still going through. The pain and adrenaline shot straight through me. The needle was caught on my other barbell. It took him about 30 seconds to get the needle put right and take the clamps off. This entire 30 seconds was painful. I didn't look down to see because I only wanted to see the end result. I looked at Mary and had a funny look on her face (I hope I didn't scare her away from her piercing). He told me he was ready to put the jewelry in, so I leaned back again. This was as slow as the needle going through. The barbell was totally in the way! I remember muttering something to the means of "shit" through the pain. Mike put the ball on, then tightened my slave back onto the barbell.

Okay, first look at the new ring. WOW! I couldn't believe how nice it looked. I hate the look of rings through guy's navels, but this looked really good going through the slave. Mary said it was nice too. Mike was proud of his work. He asked me if I was feeling okay since I'd just gone through so much pain. I said yes and popped some gum into my mouth to get some sugar into my system. He said he'd never done such an extreme or different piercing and he grabbed a digital camera to get some shots. He took two pictures up close and one with my face in it. They'll be put up in the piercing room soon he said (and they'll be here on BME when I get copies). I thanked him very much and assured him that the pain wasn't that bad. He was basically proud of himself and said something... I couldn't pay much attention, I was buzzing from the rush of the piercing.

After this one heals, I plan to put a 14g titanium BBB with spikes in it. It should look a lot better than the purple ring then.

I know not many people think about getting a navel piercing more than once, and I know not many men even think about the first one. I just want to make people think, in reading this, that it's not a women's only piercing. That is what was originally thought with two earrings in guys, but that was proved wrong too. I think that if a guy wants it pierced, DO IT! It looks great when it heals and you get the ring out of it for a barbell. Don't be afraid of what people think. They aren't as important as your desires. As far as they'll know, you could never have one.

If you have any questions, or would like information on how the healing is doing, please feel free to email me at MirrorGuy1@aol.com

My story before left out the healing process for my second navel

ring. I'd like to clear this up, and bring you up to date to what I did this evening.

The healing started as normal, very much like my first one. The hole

developed a purlplish bruise for the first week. This cleared up shortly thereafter. The first few cleanings burned like hell though. After about two weeks, I was able to clean it with no problem.

Unlike the first one, this was closer to my jeans, being on the

bottom ridge. When I sat down, my jeans would ride up and hit the lower hole. This was very uncomfortable and slowed the healing. Also, the seatbelt in my car would sit right on top of it. This was also not very good.

My first navel piercing was healed enough to change to a curved

barbell after seven weeks. This piercing was about ten weeks in. The upper part of the hole was healed just fine. The lower part was still iritated, swollen, and bruised. It just wouldn't heal up. It was causing great deals of pain, and was a large risk of infection due to it's condition. Tonight, I washed the piercing very carefully and removed the ring. I don't know what possessed me to do this at the time, but now that I'm reflecting it seemed like a great idea. I have no more pain in that area. My other ring has no pressure on it when I bend over now too. After taking it out, the lower hole closed up in about 90 minuites. The upper is still slightly open as I type this four hours later.

I still think this is a wonderful looking piercing. I do regret not

having it anymore. This was my first (of seven) piercings that I have removed. I did it not for asthetic reasons, not to rebel from my parents or society. I did this to be happy with myself. I don't feel totally whole without that piece of purple metal in my navel, but I'm sure my apadravya I get tomorrow will quickly make up for it.

Any question can still be directed to MirrorGuy1@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Navel Piercing

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