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Navel Piercing.

eLLO! Mallory here. I am gunna tell you about my navel piercing...

I dunno how it happened. One day I was thinking to myself, "I want a piercing.." So i mentioned it to my friend, Mike. He's like "Yeh, you should get a piercing, if you get one, i'll get my tongue pierced." I'm like "oK, but where?!" He told me to get the navel. Getting my navel pierced NEVER had entered my mind, i wanted my tongue pierced. Mike said that i would look sexy with my navel pierced.

So..the next day we were thinking of going to Manhattan to the village to get pierced, since they dont need ID. (Mind you that i am only 13 and Mike is 28). But anywho....i didnt wanna tell my parents, cause they would of FLIPPED!!

So that whole day i've been debating with myself.."Should i get my tongue pierced or my navel?" I didnt know what to do. I've been reading stories from this site about the tongue and navel so i already knew what i was gunna get myself into.

Now here comes the big day for me and Mike. We were sitting in his living room and it was about 2:30 PM. I am staring into deep space and then i said "Lets go NOW!!" So we went to some place on Steinway. (I live in Queens, NY) But anywayz, i was so nervous!!! In the car i kept on biting my lower lip (i do that whenever i am nervous or scared). Mike was like "what the hell is wrong with you?" I am like "SHUTUP!"

We park the car right infront of the place. Its called "Tattoo and Body Piercing" Before whenever i passed it, i always looked inside. I've been wanting to pierce my tongue for a little while already. But did i pierce my tongue..? NO! In the car i decided to get my navel pierced. If my parents found out, they wouldnt flip as much as if they found out i pierced my tongue! But anywho...we go into the place.

Mind you i am nervous as HELL. I am shaking. The lady comes and asks if she can help us. I am like DEAD, staring at Mike. He said "tell her what you want". I said, "Oh yeh, i want my belly pierced". She told me to lift up my shirt so she could see my navel and see what size ring she needed. She wanted us to pay first, then she would go get the stuff ready. I nervously took out my wallet and took out $40. I handed it to her with my hands shaking like CRAZY! It took about 5 minutes for her to get the needle and whatever else she needed to pierce my navel ready.

So i thought me and Mike was going to get a piercing together. Little did i know. He didnt get it!! i was the only one that got my damn navel pierced! He said he was going to get it the next day. Even if he wanted one that day, he couldnt, because they were out of tongue rings. Weird...anyways..back to my story..

Reina (the ladys name) told me she was ready and go to into the back. The was another girl there getting a tattoo on her lower back. So i was standing there watchin her while Reina got the marker ready to mark where she was going to pierce. I stood straight up and took a deep breath. She marked my navel and told me to look in the mirror. I told her it was oK. Meanwhile Mike is walking around looking at the rings and other shyt in the glass up in the front desk.

Reina told me to lay down on the chair and take a deep breath. She said that i had to relax and keep on taking deep breaths. She told me she was going to start with the piercing. I wasnt scared anymore, i was all ready!!!

Then it came...the piercing. She put the needle through my navel and the ring in after it. It hurt a little. I winced from the pain. (>.<) And that was that. All she had to do was but in the ball and viola! i was done! I looked in the mirror and smiled. ::crest smile:: I was happy. I actually got my navel pierced!! I couldnt believe it.

She gave me a paper with all the instructions in it and told me to get Dial Anti-Bacterial soap and clean the piercing no more than 2 times a day. I nodded and took the paper, said thank you and left.

I thought that was all the pain i was going to get. HA! Then the pain started coming. It was like a stinging pain. I didnt mind it that much, i didnt care! i was happy with my navel piercing!! YaY Me!

So now i have my navel pierced for about 2 days already! It looks perfectly fine and i've been cleaning it with the Dial in the morning and at night. Its been hurting on and off. But i am able to move it back and forth now and it looks great. My parents still dont know yet. In fact i really dont care if they find out, they cant tell me to take it out! Helllllz no! I love it!

I just gotta take care of it and thats all. Now for Mike, yesterday he got his tongue pierced at a place called "Fat Cats" on Ditmars Blvd. I watched him get it done. It looked cool. I still want one, but you gotta see the pain he is in! His tongue is fat and all the time he has to wash his mouth out with Listerine. Ahh...i still think its worth it, after a couple of days he'll be alright. He said he did it for me


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Navel Piercing

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