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Navel Experience

got my navel pierced on 9-29-98, the day after I got back together with my boyfriend. I have been wanting to get my left eyebrow and right nostril pierced for about 3 or 4 years (I'm only 15 now), but my parents are really religous and think it's a sign of satanism or something stupid. So, anyways they would just yell at me when I asked to get something pierced, so I decided to get my navel done because it's hidden and I like the way it looks. The year before, I pierced my navel twice with a safety pin, but it looked awful both times and I pierced my eyebrow, which actually looked good, but I was too afraid to keep it in because of my parents. Neither of my parents know that I've ever been pierced, and I plan to keep it that way! :)

I don't have a job or anything, so I borrowed $60 from a friend. He took me to 2 places, but one closed right before we got there and the other refused to pierce me because I didn't have any ID. So, I decided to wait until I asked some other friends for advice. I got really frustrated though because I thought it wasn't going to be possible because I didn't have any connections at the time, and I'm not 18.

That weekend, I went to my boyfriend's house and his friend (who's 22) was over there. He said he knew some guys at a tattoo/piercing place who would be down, so we went over there. When we got there, we told his friend (the tattoo guy) that I was 18 but I didn't have an ID. He told us to go right down the street to some check cashing place who made IDs to get one, so it wouldn't be illegal. The ID costed $10 (I use it for cigarettes, so it was an added bonus).

When we got back, I had to fill out paperwork and pay the guy (it was $35 because he took off $10 for getting the ID), then I picked out a 16 ga ring with a black bead (they didn't have a large selection).

Then the piercer guy took me to the room, and my boyfriend refused to come because he was afraid of watching. His friend came and watched, which made me a little uncomfortable because I had just met him, but I was just really excited to be getting it done. The peircer explained everything to me and then explained the cleaning process, then he went on with it. First, he sterilized the piercing place by putting iodine on it, then washed it off wtih water. He marked my stomach (standing up and then checked it sitting down), and the he put the clamp on. He explained how to breath (take big breaths so you get enough oxygen to your brain and don't pass out), and I started to get nervous. I just thought about my boyfriend, and it seemed like I just felt a pinch and it was all over with. When he put the ring in, it pinched and hurt a little, but I think it was because I was still nervous. That was probably the worst part, but it still didn't really hurt. After he got the ring in, he washed off the traces of iodine and gave me a paper with the care instructions and the number to the piercing/tattoo shop he was just opening up. If I decided to get my belly button pierced on the bottom, I'll definitly go to him because he did a really good job, but I don't want to say the name of the place that I got it done at because I don't want them to get in trouble because I'm not 18.

I love the way it looks, but at first it hurt when things rubbed against it or when I was cleaning it. I also had problems doing sit-ups for the first week because I wasn't used to it. I love playing with it for some reason, I always just sit there and move it back and forth. The only problem I have with it now I if I play around with my boyfriend and wrestle, it gets pulled on, which has caused it to bleed twice. There was a lot of crustation at first as well, but it's rarely there now. I recommend a navel piercing to anyone who isn't allowed to get something pierced or to someone who doesn't want something too obvious. I trully didn't find it to be painful, but I know some people can't take needles. I want to get it pierced again on the bottom, but I'm not sure if that would look good on me. I've also paid my friend back completly, so I can fully enjoy it :) .

e-mail me if you have any questions about navel rings or want to tell me about your piercings.

latez- deadkiten@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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