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Belly button and tongue extravaganza!!!!!

Getting my belly button pierced was never a real desire of mine to have done. However, in May, my best friend Alison got her navel pierced, and it looked really cute and appealing. But, this did not immediately strike me as something I wanted to do. I live in a city which has water sports (jet- skiing, wakeboarding, etc.) as its main form of entertainment. So, I knew that if I were to get my belly button done, I wouldn't be able to swim for a while. I kept procrastinating until Alison finally shoved me over the edge and persuaded me to go under the needle. At the time of the piercing, there were only 1 or 2 piercers in town. So Alison took me to the shop where she got hers done. For sake of privacy and how the piercer screwed up, I won't give a name. Alison had an extra hoop, so I figured that this would cut down the cost of my needle escapade. However, this wasn't the case. The lady charged me $30 (believe me, I know it could have been more), and about three weeks later, I saw them advertised in a local city for $10, jewelry included. I walked into the shop (it's also a gift shop) and told the woman I'd like my belly button pierced. I had to wait forever until every last customer left so we could proceed. She cleansed the jewelry and my navel area, while Alison stood eager and anxious. She also took pictures of every single step which she now displays in her photo album. I felt a slight prick in my stomach. "Not bad at all," I thought to myself. This was the needle going through, for when I looked down, there was, low and behold, a needle sticking through my belly with a cork at the opposite end. Ah, the pain was over, I thought to myself....well I guess I thought wrong. She took out the needle and went to go put the jewelry in. This hurt like you wouldn't believe. It was stuck, and she couldn't get it through the other side of the hole. After all the trauma was done, because it took a few good minutes to put the ring in, I felt nauseous and almost passed out. She let me sit down (the entire piercing took place while I was standing) and I slowly began to feel okay again.

Days later, it felt okay and looked okay, but after about two weeks is when disaster set in. I cleaned it exactly how she told me to, not ever skipping any steps. I went back to the piercer to show her how infected it was, and she said it would be fine, that it was normal, and to continue cleaning it. Well, it only got worse. From what I understand, the body's natural defenses are to push a piercing out, and if it's not deep enough, the body will just reject the piercing all together. Well, that's what happened to me. About 4 weeks later, still no sign of improvement and I was starting to get worried. I had the piercing for about 2 months, and no healing was taking place. So, gradually, the skin around the piercing became thinner and thinner, until, finally it ripped out. I again went back to the piercer, where she wouldn't admit she did it wrong, but agreed that she could re-pierce it for free. She said that it wasn't her fault that the piercing wasn't deep enough and I reminded her that she was the one who did it. So anyways, to make a long story short, I told her she would never be coming near me with a needle again.

About 3 months later, after seeing Alison's boyfriend go through it, I decided I would again go under the needle to get my tongue pierced! I was somewhat scared at the outcome, because of my belly button disaster, but I decided to risk it anyways, cuz I really wanted it done. I decided to get it done in Las Vegas, because I had heard of a piercer that was respectable, and the price was very low. It was called "On the Wild Side" tattoo and piercings located on Sahara Blvd. The guys in there were very calming and made me feel 100% comfortable. I filled out all the paperwork and showed them my I.D. I was kinda getting nervous, so I wanted to go outside and get some fresh air. The piercer made a comment something along the lines of "hurry up" just to get me moving and excited about coming back inside. So, I didn't end up going outside, I sat down, swished with some mouthwash and was ready to go. Out of fear of it being a slow process, I took a huge deep breath. However, it was fast, and nearly painless. He had me stick my tongue out as far as I could, at which point he clamped my tongue. This was somewhat uncomfortable, but hey, what can ya do about that? Within 2 seconds of the clamps being on there, the needle went through, followed by the barbell and the entire procedure was done! It hurt 10 times less than my navel (considering I went to a better piercer for the tongue and all). I would just like to thank the guys at On the Wild Side Tattoos and Piercing for my great tongue piercing experience!!!!

E-Mail: SaraJ80@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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