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My Button Job

y name is Kimberly, and this is my navel piercing experience.

I'm 17 years old, and I've wanted my navel pierced for quite some time, about 4 years. I know it's a very mainstream pierce to get, but I consider myself very creative and plan to get several navel piercings to make it my own unique piece of art. When I was 13, I convinced my mom to let me do it, so I went to various tattoo/piercing shops, (in the company of moms) and at the first site of a needle, she always changed her mind. Well, now I've been seeing my b/f for about 2 weeks, and he's gotten into body piercing, so we decided he should be the one to do it.

His name is Richard Powell (taz74569@halifax.com), and although not a professional, he's still religously clean and experienced.
We went over to a friend's house and I decided on a 14 guage, 1/2 in. CBR.
Finding the right location was tricky, because I wanted it at an angle and over to the left. This way, after it heals, I want another at the top beside it at an angle to match. After all the sizing and sterilizing was done, I sat down on the sofa, he sterilized the area, and marked a place we both agreed on. He then took the 14g. needle out of its sterile wrapper and placed a cork in my navel to keep it from poking me when it came out the other side. He looked me right in the eyes, and said, "This is gonna hurt like a bitch."(wow, isn't this comforting!). So I tried to control by breathing, inhaling thru my nose and out my mouth. He said at my count, he would stick on 5, so I began counting, and (surprise, surprise) no sooner than I got 3 outta my mouth he did it.

I was expecting to pass out from the pain, but surprisingly, it was'nt as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Just a sharp pinch went it broke the skin, then a feeling of heat and pressure as it went thru. He took the ring and slid it thru, put the ball on and gave me a big ol kiss, and said "You're all done". We then went over the care procedures and what and what not to do while it's healing. I stood up, and was a little shaky at first, and went and looked at it in the mirror. I was(and still am) VERY pleased with the angle and location. I just got it done a week ago, but I'll share w/you my healing process so far:

Day 1

Very sore, but not much redness and no swelling at all.
Salt soaked for about 20 mins and cleaned w/antibacterial soap, 3 times.
Using bactine at all times. I think I'm becoming addicted to it.


Soreness the same as day 1, and a little bit redder, but still no swelling. Same routine as day1, trying not to bend and irratate it. Bacitine. Bactine. Bactine.


This is very surprising, I have'nt heard of anyone using this before, but vitamin drops for birds work wonders. Put a couple of drops in my usual warm salt water soak this morning and tonite, following same cleaning routine(w/bactine, of course).


Woke up and not sore at all, hardly no reddness and kinda itchy(thank God). Never would have thought the vitamin drops would work, but it really, really helped lots. I recommend them to anyone, I use about 2 drops, twice a day, in a cup of warm salty water.


Feeling lots better. Went to wash it this mornin w/my usual soap(Softsoap Antibacterial), rotated it thru, and it hurt like hell. So, I went out and got some Dial soap, and used that for the rest of today and had no trouble with it. I think it's the perfumes in Softsoap that were doing it.

Day6 Just fine. Still using the Dial soap and the bird vitamin drops and lots and lots of bactine. I found that eating lots of fruits and veggies helps too.


Well on my way to a healthy healing. No soreness,reddness or swelling at all. Rotating fine, and getting a small amount of clear fluid out of it, which is normal.

Well, that's it. Hope this has helped any of you who had recently had a button job, or are planning to get one soon. I HIGHLY recommend Dial soap, Bactine, and(oddly enough) the vitamin drops in salt soaks. This has overall been a positive piercing experience for me and I plan to get many more piercings in the future, by my Pooh Bear, of course ;-)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 1998
in Navel Piercing

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