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Australian navel piercing experience

tralian navel piercing experience

For around ten months I had been fascinated with bodyarts and especially piercing. I've found it quite sensual to the point of being erotic, and had wanted to get my navel pierced for almost as long! So in the last few weeks I'd researched via the 'net about hygeine, aftercare etc, learning to understand the procedures and what to expect.

But today I finally gained the courage to go to the piercing studio and "just look" at the jewellery, maybe talk to the piercer. Strangely (!) after 4 minutes staring at the glass showcase I'd chosen a 14 gauge stainless steel ring with a 4mm diameter bead, and was paying the cashier.

The studio was clean and had examples of previous work on display, along with a customers' comments book, basically proving the success of the studio via the positive remarks in the book. When I went into the little white room Debbie (the piercer) showed me her tools, the forceps, and made a point of showing me the disposable needle she would use. She marked out the entrance and exit points on my navel with a pen, and then I laid down and controlled my breathing.

Finally the big moment ! One incredibly short bite of pain, followed by a sensation I had never felt before, then I was incredibly aroused from the pain and the thought of the ring being inside of me ... I just started giggling like crazy with happiness. After that, Debbie gave me a few pages on aftercare and told me where I could buy the antiseptic solution (etc) from a friendly chemist nearby.

Overall the experience was like nothing else, and the pain element was very minimal to the point of non-existence. After this first piercing has healed I'm straight back to get both of my nipples done as well!

If anyone is interested, the studio details are... "Pierced and Proud at Deka" Shop 33 "The Mark" Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise, Australia, phone (07)55389844

John Boxall - 27th April 1997

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Navel Piercing

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