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Navel @ Gauntlet SF

@ Gauntlet SF

My Navel Experience

After finding the Gauntlet web page and the BME page, I finally decided that I wanted to get my navel pierced. So I called around to find places that pierced locally. I finally found a place and got my nerve up to do it.

So I drove to the shop, it was also a tattoo parlor and had it done. I talked to the piercer and felt completely at ease with him. He was very sanitary, changing gloves a few times. I remember the pain, he took a picture and I was on my way. No aftercare information, fortunately for me I had researched this.

I got into my truck to drive home, boy did it hurt. I could feel the piercing as I drove. I was sore for a few days. Also I could not believe the blood there was from this.

About a week later I happened to be in San Francisco for business. I decided to drop by the Gauntlet shop there. I was considering buying some different jewelry for my piercing. I talked to John, I showed him my piercing and he told me that it was too deep. I asked him if it was a problem. He said that most likely it would not heal or else it would take a long time to heal. So I asked what are my options. He said take it out and get it repierced. I said can we do that right now, he said no, that I would have to wait a few weeks for it to heal up. So I went back to my hotel and removed the ring to let it heal.

About a month later, I decided that my navel had enough time to heal. So I called Gauntlet in San Francisco and asked about getting it repierced. They said no problem. So on Saturday I drove to San Francisco about 90 miles to get it done right. I figured that if Gauntlet didn't do it right, no one was going to.

Picked a CBR for my piercing, black with a white ball, this was an option I didn't have the first time. Paid my money and waited for my piercer. Before I was pierced, I was given aftercare instructions.

My name was called, we went to the piercing area, all nice and clean. I took my shirt off. I was marked, I lay down and the forceps were applied. Went through the breathing exercises, next thing I know I had this ring in my navel. I compared the placement with where it was pierced before, and I realized that the alignment the first time was not that great.

I asked some questions about a PA, something I am seriously considering, was told where to go for antibiotics and was on my way. First thing I noticed was that it didn't hurt when I got into my truck. Made me realize how bad a job was done the first time. I then realized that I would only go to certified piercers from that point on!

It has been a week since the piercing and I haven't had any trouble with it. I do get some pain when I happen to roll over in bed, but I know that will go away when it heals.

When I get my PA, I will be going back to Gauntlet! They run a very professional operation. If you are in San Francisco and want something pierced, go there, I recommend it!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Aug. 1997
in Navel Piercing

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