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Getting pierced with my niece

ting pierced with my niece

I had been a fan of BME for a while when my 14-year-old niece Amber came to visit me this summer in Fairbanks, Alaska. Although I have a couple tattoos, I had never thought that much about getting pierced. She had, on the other hand, given it much thought and was anxious to get her navel pierced, and possibly her tongue.

So after she called her mother in Arizona to get permission, I took her down to the only professional piercing place we could find (actually she found it after talking to people at a jewelry store). Nikki of Body Piercing Unlimited was busy piercing a guy's eyebrow when we walked in. Bush was in the background on the CD player. Posters of pierced fruit were on the walls. I watched as she made all of the preparations...everything was very tidy, very clean, very sterile from what I could tell. It took her just a few minutes to do the job, and the guy seemed very pleased. So I felt better when it became my niece's turn to get pierced.

After talking about jewelry, placement, care and procedure, they selected a curved barbell and went over to the bench. There the piercer prepped, clamped and got a fresh needle out of a sealed package, which she showed me. Then after the breathing thing, she pushed it through. I watched Amber's face and I could tell that she was surprised...about how much it hurt, maybe a little more than she expected. But she merely said "ouch" as calm as if she was ordering a Big Mac. After Nikki attached the balls to the barbell, Amber was up and talking about aftercare, then out the door, happy with her new pierce (the tongue will have to wait).

A week later, her navel was healing well, and I was so impressed that we went back. I got a small gauge captive bead ring in my ear, about 12 o' clock high in my helix. Originally, I wanted a small barbell, but she said it would be harder to take care of while it healed. The cartilage pierce was painful at first, a big bite, but that subsided quickly. The ring, however, slipped halfway out before Nikki could secure it. Nothing else to do but take it out and reinsert the needle! The second time wasn't as bad as the first, and she soon had it in and over with. My niece was surprised that her uncle actually went through with it; I wasn't sure I would at first. Now I am glad I did. I like it a lot and can't wait till it heals so I can try other jewelry.

Amber is on her way back to Arizona, and who knows, maybe I'll be going back soon too, to get another piercing. --- C.J.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Aug. 1997
in Navel Piercing

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