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Navel Experience

el Experience

I have to thank BME for all the information I found on piercing. It's what helped me to go through with mine. I used to date a guy with a pierced nipple. I always like it and thought that's what I wanted. That was three years ago so I've definitely put some thought into this. It's the pain that puts me off.

After reading a bunch and talking to a lot of people, I figured a navel pierce might not be as painful as a tit. I went to a local shop one Friday after working out. I met with the piercer, Dan, and asked him the questions I found on the net to ask a potential piercer. He answered them quite well and the fact he is an RN helped. I told him I'd probably be back some time.

I got home and decided I needed to do it before I chickened out. A lot of people say they make appointments to keep from backing out so that's what I did. It was raining on the way there. I could tell I was nervous because it seemed like all the people on the road were driving slow and stupid.

I met Dan and we picked out a 10g curved barbell. We went in his room and I filled out the paper work as he got his stuff set up. I told him I did not want to see the needle or know what he was doing. He agreed to my terms. He marked the spot as I stood to get the position right. I then sat back in the chair and talked pretty much non-stop as he prepped my navel.

I have a birthmark/mole on the upper half of the inside of my navel. Because of that we decided to pierce the lower half. He put the clamp on which was just a little uncomfortable. I held it as he got the needle. That's when I stopped looking.

I'd like all those people who told me it doesn't hurt much to go through what I did. It hurt like nothing I've ever experienced. After a while of what felt like him digging through my stomach with a chopstick, he slowed and I asked if the needle was through. He said it wasn't. The clamp had slipped. At that point I came close to saying forget it. I really think it took about 45 seconds of jabbing to get the needle through. Once it was through he let me rest. We both had sweat dripping from our foreheads.

I was shaking pretty bad and asked for something to drink. He had said the skin was a lot tougher than he expected probably due to doing the lower half. After I calmed down a little we went outside to pay. The owner asked to see and that was the first time I looked down. I loved it. I was surprised there was no blood or anything. It looked like I had always had it.

Immediately afterwards, I went down the street for happy hour. I definitely needed a drink. I met up with my friends and got to show off my navel quite a few times. In fact, I pull up my shirt whenever I think I can get away with it.

It's been just over two weeks now. I've managed to not get it infected. The damn thing just itches a lot...probably because I had shaved my stomach prior to having it done.

Would I do it again? I'm not sure. I remember going through some pain but I don't really remember how intense it was. Because of that I'd have to say, yes, I'd do it again.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1997
in Navel Piercing

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