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Tragus + Navel

gus + Navel

Tragus + Navel 24 Jul 97

Occasionally i enter a mode where my external image no longer fits my internal image, and i have to fix this. Almost 2 months back i got this itch, and started looking for a piercing that would put things back in balance (the itch is slightly different when i need a tattoo). I knew i wanted another navel, but this wasn't enough. I looked through the BME pictures and perused r.a.b until i stumbled on a set of piercings that wanted me: tragus, rook, daith.

I got those sweaty palms, and happy shakes from knowing I've found what I'm looking for, and it is only a matter of time...

I read up on the piercing in question: estimated healing time, types of jewellery (gauges, styles). I looked at the pictures and swooned. I read the accounts i could find so i knew what i was in for, and as far as i could tell i was in for much happiness after much much pain... eeek!

After perusing my bank account, i settled on getting a tragus. I made a booking at Polymorph (Sydney, Australia. the place where i got my first navel and nipple pierce), and waited on edge until the day came.

I've always found the staff to be very helpful there. I asked some more questions about the tragus pierce, recommended jewellery and their experience with healing time. I always do this whether i need to or not - i feel more comfortable with more information. I'm odd. I also asked if i was built to take the piercings i wanted, and was given the thumbs up.

I chose some rings - an 18 gauge stainless steel ring (no bead) for my tragus, and a black niobium replacement (with hematite bead) for my current navel. Evette (my piercer) measured the distance from the centre of my tragus to the gap just under the tragus to find the right diameter ring. That done, they took my jewellery (including the old navel ring which was to be used for the new navel pierce) away to be sterilised, while i sat down and read about after-piercing care, and imagined what sort of jewellery i would buy if i could...

When everything was ready, Evette spoke to me at some length about do's and dont's for that day and for general after-care, one of the things i appreciate muchly about Polymorph.

I spent much time getting the position of the marks just so - nerember, there is an internal image I'm trying to 'sync' to, and it is very important for me to get things just the way i want it. Evette was infinitely patient with me while i said 'left a little, down a bit. hmm... left a bit more? no, right a bit. yeah. now slightly up...'

First came the tragus. I had heard much about the pain factor of this pierce, but that was not going to stop me. I did my breathing exercises while Evette got things ready... you know, i never get over how big the needle is. Finally when the time came Evette told me to breath in deep then exhale slowly, and during the exhale she pierced. No pain worse than a gun'ed ear lobe. No crunch, or any other awful sound. The ring was in, and that was that, apart from minor amounts of blood.

The Navel was next, and was a simple doddle. The new ring was inserted in the old hole. I breathed my breathing while she prepared new stuff for the new pierce; breathed in deep, and was pierced during the exhale - no mess, no fuss, and everything perfect. I felt myself sync to my inner image - it was wonderful. The tragus smiled at me in the mirror, and my navel rings were nicely aligned in a left to right direction across my body (at the top and slightly to the left of the navel). I was on a roll and wanted a rook too, but Evette didn't recommend more than a couple of pierces in one day, so I'm leaving it for a special occasion :)

Now it is two weeks down the track. I've had no trouble from either pierce. The tragus hasn't hurt since the pierce took place, and is only slightly crusty in the morning. I don't rotate the ring through the pierce - instead i move the ring up and down, around the pierce axis. works fine for me and it. My navel is happy too, with only slight crustiness.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1997
in Navel Piercing

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