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Home Monroe.

Even though I'm only fourteen years of age, fifteen in a week, i've been debating on getting either my lip or monroe pierced for just about a year now. I asked all my friends if I would look good with one of them. Of course they all said "don't do that to your pretty face," except one friend of mine, who's opinion meant most to me. He personally likes a Monroe piercing better, and since I liked either one I decided on a Monroe piercing.

Now even though I knew neither one of my parents would bring me to get it done professionally, due to they both don't like facial pierceings I pursued them anyways just in case. Of course I got the No! No! No's! over and over again every time I asked and eventually gave up on getting their permission. Thats when I ordered myself 16g hollow piercing needles and labrets in an intent to pierce it myself.

After getting my materials I ended up waiting a few months and re-thinking everything. Mostly delaying because of being a scared what my parents would do to me.... and being extremely nervous about putting a hole through my face by myself. After eight months! of waiting and getting nagged by my one friend (who in the mean time used one of my ten needles to pierce his nose himself) to pierce it already I finally decided to just go through with it. I tryed doing it a few times, all times being to nervous, or tired, and not having enough excitement and energy to do it. Blah.

So one day after being nagged and nagged and nagged I built myself up for it. So October 13th 2009 after my mom went to bed I went into my bathroom and cleaned everything up. I then sterilized all my piercing implements (hollow needles, labret, and my hands), brushed my teeth, flossed, and swished some mouth wash about eight time. After that I cleaned the top surface of my lip and got prepared to shove the needle through it. Holding out my upper lip with my fingers I took the needle in my other hand and shoved it semi-fast through my lip and out the marked spot.

Now sadly I have this tendency to shake when needles are through my skin and I can see it. Even when I pierce my ears this tends to happen. So it was a real hassle screwing the ball onto the labret after I slipped the needle out and the labret through. I actually dropped the first ball down the drain and was forced to franticly searched for my other ball for it. But in the end I managed to get the ball on and dealt with my parents over the next few days. Over all the piercing came out really really well, and everyone who said not to do it loves the piercing. Other then my mom who says it looks like a wart, and my father, who has yet to see it...

Now four days later the swelling is all gone, I didn't really have so much to start with anyways which I'm not sure is good or bad, I'm going to guess good. And no infection has started what so ever, I keep the piercing very clean. I must clean it about twenty times a day, and every time after I eat or drink I wash my mouth out with water, I brush my teeth about four times a day ( well atleast I try to [: ). My only fear is that the piercing may be a tiny tiny bit crooked, which I can feel slightly in my mouth. It was also hard to adjust to eating with this in my mouth but now after these few days i hardly notice it unless I pull it to much forward and it gets stuck on my tooth, which then makes me scared I'm ripped my lip, but it always end up that I don't thank god. Also I'm really really hoping nothing happens to my teeth, anyone have feedback on what happens to their teeth??

So basically my reason for posting this story is because I wanted to share my experience on home piercing, and also to get feed back on others because I want to know whats normal and whats not about this. I would really like not to have any horrible nasty feed back though because thats not why I put this on here. I don't want to hear your opinion on why its such a bad idea to pierce at home because i already know. If I could of I would have gone to a professional but I am under age. My parents would not bring me either. And also I live on an island where its very hard to get to a piercer anywhere because it involves a boat and money and a car to get places once your on the other side, which al of I do not have. Thanks.

Any questions or if you have an experience like mine feel free to email me. :]

                     ------Picture Of My Monroe------



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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