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My Long Awaited Lip Piercing

So i've been asking my parents for about 4 or 5 years to get my lip pierced, and as most people will be able to guess, their answer was no. I now know that they originally said no because they thought it was a phase i'd grow out of.

Rewind my life about 2 years, i'm 14 and still asking for this to be done, they say no again, and here's me thinking i'll never get it done.

I kept pestering them occasionally over the next 2 years and eventually my dad said I could get it done when I was 17, and by this time i was about 2 months away from my 16th birthday. "Great", I thought, "another year and a bit to wait". However this soon changed...

I told my mum that dad said i could get it done(not mentioning the 17th birthday thing), and she thought i'd meant for my 16th(she was adamant i wasn't getting it done even though she had 2 tattoos and her navel pierced at the time) so she organised for me to get it done because dad had said I could. Fast forward a week and my dad finds out i'm getting it done for my 16th. He has a moan at me but doesn't seem too fussed.

20th August, the date of my 16th birthday, we went to Mildenhall to get it done. The car journey seemed to take AGES but eventually we got there. We went in and spoke to Gavin, the owner of the shop, (he didn't pierce me because he wasn't qualified to) and just had a casual chat about tattoos and piercings in general, and then came the time for me to be pierced. I went through into a small cubicle thing and sat on the bed, ready to be marked. The piercer marked a spot on my lip and I walked out of the cubicle to show my mum where it was marked and she agreed with where it was and let me go back. She decided about a minute later that she'd come into the cubicle to watch me get pierced. I watched the piercer take everything new out of the packets, and put some clean new gloves on, and soon enough i was ready. He put the clamp on my lip (which as everyone says, hurt more than the actual piercing) and got ready to put the needle through. He told me to breathe in and out slowly an d he would pierce on the out breath. I breathed in VERY slowly anticipating lots of pain when I breathed out. Just as I began to breathe out, I felt a slight pressure, looked ahead and saw a huge needle in front of my eyes and realised that it had been done. It didn't take long for the stud to be put in and in a flash I wanted to get up and go. Unfortunately, I couldn't go as fast as I wanted because my mum had nearly fainted and was sat on the floor trying to get back to normal, trust her...

I was given an aftercare sheet and was told to come back in a week for the stud to be changed shorter. that night I couldn't eat and was forced to have soup.

It was fine after about 3 days and then when the week was up I went to the shop to have it changed to a smaller bar. When I got there, i decided i'd stay with the generic labret with a ball on it, just until it was healed, and after it was changed i was told to come back in 6 weeks and I could get it changed.

6 weeks later, I was back, with a BCR in my pocket, wanting that in my lip. When I got there I was told that they were a bitch to put in, but the piercer would try anyway. After about 10 minutes of trying, the ball was in and in my opinion, it looked great.

And now, here I am today. I was getting pain from my lip for the past few days so kept cleaning it thoroughly and hoping it would die down. When I looked today, my lip was swolen, and somehow, the ring had basically cut into my lip and made a big long cut from the hole towards the top of my lip. I decided straight away it was out with the ring and in with the stud again to try and let it heal, and so far tonight its been fine, no pain any more and my lip doesn't feel as fat.

So, if you want to get your lip, or anything for that matter, pierced, but your parents say no, don't just forget about it, persevere and keep asking them, eventually they will cave in and let you get it done. And also, at the first sign of unusual pain after it has healed, take a look and do whatever you can to stop it, don't do as I did and keep cleaning it hoping it would sort itself out and not even take a look at it first.

Anyways I hope my experience has helped you in deciding whether to get this piercing or not, and if you are on the fence about it, go for it, you don't know what its like until you try...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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