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My Medusa

I'm one of those people, who once they see a piercing and fall in love, that have to get it right away. I had been on here and saw a medusa piercing before and they never really interested me at all, but for some reason when I looked one day later on I decided I HAD to have one. So I told my mom the next day, which was a Monday, she was fine with it and so was my dad who has the "its your body you can do whatever you want to it" philosophy. Being I was only 17 at the time I had to get permission. I decided that Friday was when I wanted it done, so after begging and negotiating my mom promised to bring me that Friday.

So Friday came and I happened to stay after school with one of my friends until 5 filling out scholarship applications. Meanwhile I was texting my mom and she was trying to back out of the entire thing for that night and wanted to wait a few weeks. I'm impatient, stubborn and refused to wait. So when I got home around 5:30 I was too excited to eat dinner and we left around 6:30. I got to the tattoo/piercing studio around 7 and was greeted by the owner. He told us the piercer was at dinner and being we had to wait he was giving us a discount and said if I came back in a few weeks he'd change it and give me free jewelry. The owner had 25 years of experience but it seemed like he'd rather not take the client away from his piercer. He had me pick out what jewelry I wanted it pierced with, I just picked the same thing my monroe had been pierced with being that healed up just fine. The piercer showed up around 20 minutes later and apologized a lot, I felt bad because the own er had called him telling him there was a client so it seemed like he rushed his dinner.

They got everything all set up in the room and the owner asked if he could come in, which kinda made me nervous and not as nervous at the same time, being it seemed like the piercer was actually rather new but the owner was there to make sure it went smooth. I was only his 201st piercing. He explained to me all the sanitation stuff with the equipment, like the colors on the packaging and how everything they get comes pre-packaged and sterilized and how they re-sterilize it and pack it. He made a mark on my upper lip where the piercing was go, it was perfectly centered so I gave the go ahead. He had me rinse my mouth out with this disgusting mouthwash, the plain stuff, which was probably for the best, last time I had a piercing done there it was by someone different and he had minty stuff. He had me relax in the chair and open my mouth, I closed my eyes being I didn't want to see it. He had me take some breaths while he counted to three and pushed the needle through. Th ere was some pain but that went away after the needle was through. The owner held the needle for him while he got the jewelry for it, which went in with no problems. He told me all the aftercare instructions and put the needle in the hazardous waste box. The owner told him that he was giving us a discount because of the wait but we still gave him full price plus the tip and went on our way.

The next morning I woke up and my upper lip was swollen and there was a little pool of blood around it, but that was tolerable. As the next few days went on the swelling got worse and more painful, after a week I almost took it out. I'm glad I didn't, the swelling went down within the next week and I haven't had a single problem with it since and that was around 9 months ago. If you want this I say go for it, I LOVE mine. I haven't had any issues with my gums or teeth because of it. unlike my monroe which was wearing down my gums that is why I took it out.

The shop is really professional, so are the workers there. When I went back 5 months later to get my septum re-pierced(I had previously removed it) the piercer remembered me and was talking to me about how my medusa was the first and only one he has done to date still. Then a few months after that when I went to get my tattoo done by their tattoo artist he was talking to me asking me how both the piercings were doing and everything. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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