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My Bottom Right Labret Piercing!

Thursday 1st October 2009!

I have done my lip myself 4 times in the past, which has never gone really well and had to be taken out a few hours after being done, but I couldn't get it done professionally as my mum would notice.

My original plan was to get my wrist pierced or get a new tattoo, but in Tattooze they are quite strict with age and wouldn't agree to do it for me. I decided on a bottom lip piercing (Labret) to the right side of my lip, left to you.

I told the piercer what I wanted and he told me that although the needle comes out of an antibacterial packet he was going to sterilize it for a further 10 minutes and then he would call me through. I waited for 10 minutes, moaning to my friends about how nervous I was!

He called me through, and was talking to me about my tattoo's and where i got them done. He was really nice and it made me feel more confident about what I was about to do. I think he noticed how scared I was and reassured me that if I have 3 tattoo's then I can get through this easily.

He put on white surgical gloves and got a felt tip pen. He looked in side my mouth for where it should be placed and marked a dot underneath my lip. He asked me if it was ok, and i said yes. He got a clamp, and placed it on my lip. May i just say it does not hurt, like many say it does. I didn't feel anything and didn't even know it was there until i looked in the mirror.

When I did realize it was on and the needle was out the packet, I reached for my friends hand but before I could even squeeze it, I heard 'Your done'. I was so happy, and the feeling of relief was amazing. I barely felt anything except for a slight pain, which was sharp but lasted about 4-5 seconds at the most. As soon as the jewellery was in any pain or sting was gone. I loved the jewellery too, a silver ball with a diamond on the end of the stud.

He explained to me that he has seen lip piercings heal quicker when left alone, with nothing at all used on them. I found this strange but, hes the professional. I was given the aftercare sheet (although I was told to not do anything) and payed the small 25 pounds.

I was really happy with my piercing but by the thursday night I could see the flat back part of the jewellery inside of my mouth sinking into my lip due to the swelling. I read up on this and saw that it was called 'embedding' where the bar is too short, because of swelling the bar doesn't have room and the skin that was broken when pierced can grow back over the jewellery. If this is left it may have to be surgically removed. I didn't know for sure if this was happening to me as It had only been a few hours.

Although my piercer told me to not use anything, everyone i read about had used salt and warm water so i decided to use it.

Anyway, by the friday night, I couldn't move my bar very far and although visibly I couldn't see any swelling it was obviously swelled inside. On saturday morning, when I looked inside my mouth I couldn't see the flat back hardly. I decided to go to the shop and get a longer bar (which they fit for free). I showed him my lip and he decided that I definitely needed a longer bar, this time it was a different piercer. He fitted the new bar which stung a bit but nothing unbearable. He explained that i did need to use salt water, which as well as cleaning away bacteria would help it heal.

I am really happy I went back to the shop, because now my lip is so much more comfortable. It was 100% worth it, imagine if I had to get skin surgically removed!

I am still paranoid about the 'embedding' situation so check my lip every hour to make sure of no signs of the jewellery disappearing.

I have kept my shorter bar for when it heals completely because the bar I have now will be much too long when the swelling is gone!

I would definitely recommend this piercing, especially if you are a fan of facial piercings. When done it gives you a weird sense of power.. YOU decided to do it and it makes you feel good. The feeling of metal is amazing too.

Overall, I love my new piercing and I can't wait until I can play with it, which my piercer said I can do in 4-5 days. I can't wait to get my wrist and tongue done next weekend :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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