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Retired lip ring, Eternal regrets

When I was fifteen, I thought I would be tattooed, but never pierced. It frightened the shit out of me. I mean, seeing a huge needle taking off a piece of flesh from me, it was like the last thing. I wanted to do.

And I got pierced before getting tattooed.

It was a stupid bet. I was friend with that girl on my second year of university. We were talking one night at a bar, and the conversation ended up on "if you ever get pierced, where it would be?" It was in 2001, she wanted it on the navel, I said a lip ring.

Back in the days, the Emo lip ring, snake bit and everything fashion was not so present, at least not yet in France. The only guy I saw that had a side lip ring was Blink 182's Tom Delonge. And at this point I forgot what I always thought about being pierced. It looked cool on him.

So the bet was like: as soon as we get our scholarships we're going to a studio and get pierced, if she does the navel, I do the lip. We did it on Saturday, November 25th; I was turning 19 on December. But she didn't do the navel, she did a shitty industrial in a jewellery. But I did the lip, cause now I really wanted it and even if I was totally frightened, the thing was on. We went to the studio of a guy named Igor on a friend's advice. In the early afternoon it told me to come back later, cause he was busy, I came back twice or three times and finally get it done at 7pm while his friends were waiting for him to go out.

It healed pretty well, just had some skin irritations because of the solution I used to clean it, but then it was ok.

Like two years after that I met some people who get pierced there too. They told me his nickname was Igor the butcher. I think that this is around this period that he had some drug addiction problems and closed the studio.

I kept my lip ring for 7years. I got pierced in (French measurement) 1.6mm, with a labret, got my first ring 6month later and put a 1.2mm silver one with a ball. Then got a black one, then got a silver 1.6mm one with a segment, then a black one.

There were several things that made me taking it off: seeing all these young people with lip rings, snake bites and stuff just made me feel old. Then a guy during a job interview ask me if it was a piercing I had on the lip (no dude, it's a nail I accidentally put in my mouth...) and he never called me back. But I decided to retire my lip ring when I saw the mother of a child I work with wearing the same one. This time I felt old, at the same time marginal and mainstream and I realise people just put me in a case that's not mine just because I had this lip ring. No I'm not an "emo", girl. "Emo" is not a kind of person by the way, it's a musical genre that lost all his meaning now. Just say 90's melodic punk or 90's hardcore. No I don't listen to electronic music while taking drugs. Yes I can speak kindly to older people, yes I'm sure people can deal with someone that has body modifications if he's as good in his job as anyone else. No dude, I'm not an "emo".

I guess I was at a point in my life when I realised I couldn't be a student forever (well, 9 years is not so bad...) and thought I needed something to prove I could enter the active/working life and to prove I could grow up. And having this piercing wasn't making me more punk( I still think that). So I took it off, on early September 2008. Seven years with a hole under my mouth and it healed and get closed in a week.

I realise now how stupid I was. I don't give a fuck of growing up, I mean, I grow up, that's a fact, but I can't conform myself to the society standards. I don't give a fuck of what other people think. (And boy, you're not underground no more being "emo". You just look like you're paying too much attention to what you're wearing and spending too much time in the bathroom in the morning.) I kind of regret now. I looked way more cool with my lip ring!(I'm kidding here) But I can not erase 7 years of my life in a week. And I got tattoos so that "normal" people can still think shit about me. And those are for life.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Igor
Studio: Body+Piercing+Studio
Location: Caen%2C+France

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