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My Monroe and first professional piercing

My first professional body piercing was done by Anna at Body Piercing by Holly in Summerville, SC. Back in the day, the shop was run by just Holly and was called Hollys House of Pain. Now with multiple tattoo shops (www.hollysbodycanvas.com) Holly lets a couple of girls named Anna and Katie run the shop. In my spare time, I used to hang out up at the shop and talk with the girls and watch them pierce people. Both of them are extremely experienced at all piercings and watching them truly is a treat. I had a labret piercing that I had done myself about a year earlier. It was oddly placed and was more of a face piercing than a lip piercing. It was so far down towards my chin that I couldn't really wear a ring. Anyways, I went in with my friend Courtney to get my Monroe pierced. Not a lot of guys have it pierced, but I like the way it looks with just a flat disc nose screw in it. Hollys prices are very fair and it was $35 to get the piercing with the jewelry. Their piercing room
consists of the basic stainless tables, sink, cabinets, etc.. with a big pink dentists chair in the middle. Now part of the reason why I love Anna so much is that she is Buddhist and while she is setting up, she sings these beautiful incantations. There is nothing more relaxing than hearing a woman softly singing in a language that is not your own. I swear I almost fell asleep in the chair while she got everything set up and then marked my lip. I liked the position so she leaned me back a little (not a lot, she pierces most things with you sitting up) and put on the forceps. She had me start my breathing and then on one of my exhales (I prefer not to know when it's coming so I tell them just to do it whenever) she pierced straight through it one motion. I had it pierced with a stud so she did it from the inside out and then slid the jewelry into place and screwed the ball on. That was it. She cleaned up, disposed of needles and whatnot properly, cleaned up my lip and then sa id I was good to go. She gave me a sheet on aftercare and also gave me a few personal tips on what has worked best for her in the past.

At first the piercing didn't quite feel straight but it was the way my lip was swelling. After a week it evened out and everything was good. I went in to have the stud changed out for a shorter one and Anna did it with absolutely no pain whatsoever. I love Hollys because they will exchange jewelry free of charge. They send it back to be melted down or something so they just basically swap old for new with the manufacturer and pay next to nothing. They in turn pass their savings on to the customer!! I had the shorter stud in for about two weeks before my lip started to swell a little. My lips swell for no reason with piercings in them so I thought nothing of it until it really started to hurt. I looked at the inside of my lip and low and behold my lip was healing around the base of the stud. Now, like I said I am no stranger to swelling and nesting, but this was actually healing around the deeply nested stud. I tried for about ten minutes and finally got the base to pop (yes,
it actually went "pop!") out of my lip. My lip was so swollen at this point that I couldn't get a grip on the ball or the base to unthread the ball and take the stud out. So I drove up to Hollys and Katie was working. I explained to her what was going on and she took me in the back and sat me down. With rubber gloves she could get a proper hold on the jewelry and easily got the ball off. She (again, free of charge!!!) put a longer stud back in it and gave me some tips on reducing swelling. Within an hour of changing out the stud, my lip was half the size that it was before. I felt tons better. I waited about a month and then went back up to the shop to have my stud changed to a shorter one again and also bought a flat disc nose screw that I wear to this day.

I would recommend Hollys to anyone who is thinking of getting a piercing. I am now living in Texas and am actually waiting until I go visit South Carolina to have Anna do my piercings. Both of the girls are the sweetest things ever and have no problem piercing whatever you want. As I mentioned before, their prices are fantastic and they have a good selection of jewelry. They exchange jewelry for free and they taper for free too if they did the piercing. All in all, the shop is a fantastic, clean environment to get pierced at and I cannot wait to go get more piercings from them!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Anna
Studio: Body+Piercing+by+Holly
Location: Summerville%2C+SC

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