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My Medusa piercing!

I'm no stranger to the world of piercing, I've had 17 in my 21 years but my 18th was a little scary. Generally when I'm going to get pierced I'm fairly ok with it, planned the day, ready to go for a drink in the pub afterwards and just chill out. Since I was a teen I'd got this idea of how I wanted to look. I thought I'd wanted a side lip piercing with a ring, a la Tom Delonge. Then I wanted a middle labret a la Chester Bennington. Anyway, I'd decided what I wanted, It just took the guts to get them all, my mom being against piercing and me being poor.

As a third year uni student, my loan was more than enough to cover a few piercings every semester. I'm very into symmetry (with my piercings it seem anyway!) and I'd got my double nostrils, a cute little smilie, my septum and middle labret. All I needed to finish off my little project was a medusa. End of second year at uni was when I wanted it, I'd talked it through with my boyfriend who thought It would be to many piercings in one area of my face. I'd also only got the remains of my loan (which wasn't very much by then!) plus the fact I was going home for the summer with an extra piercing my mom hadn't seen yet. I've told you she's not all that cool with piercings and having come home at Easter hiding a smilie, labret and septum (the latter two she found out about – never hide anything from your mother, she'll always find out somehow!) I wasn't sure if she's care, or if she was over it by now, but I decided to leave it anyway. I'd decided over the summer I was going to diet and go on an exercise regime, which would consist mainly of swimming and I didn't want to swim with a fresh piercing. I was also going to look for a summer job so If I had to take my piercings out I didn't want to have to take out a new one and have it heal up.

Anyway, back to the beginning of year 3 at uni. I'd decided I wanted it, whether or not my boyfriend thought it was too much, whether my bank balance didn't like it, and putting aside what my mother would say. I went to my local piercer to go have it done. I actually have two that I use. One of them I go to for ear piercings, which I also had my nostrils done at. I use this one, mainly because it's a bit cheaper and I trust them to do simpler piercings. I have another which I got my septum and lip done at, because they're a little more professional, even if they are much more expensive. I chose my more upmarket studio anyway, seeing as I'd had my labret done by the lad who was training there and he did a fabulous job. I hesitated outside the shop while I was with my boyfriend, wondering if I should really do it. He knew I wanted it done so he told me to go in, because If I didn't, I'd have wished I had. I went in and alas, Ant, my piercer wasn't there. There was a younger gi rl who was now training, and she told me that she'd never done a medusa or madonna so I'd have to wait until Ant was in. She jotted down when I was going to come in and I went off, slightly disappointed.

My appointment was for the Monday but due to nerves and being a little busy that day I didn't go. I plucked up the courage the next day and went down there again with my boyfriend and we went in. Ant was in on that day, and we had a chat ( he's a lovely guy, really puts you at ease) and I told him what I wanted and he said he'd be able to do it there and then so we went upstairs to the piercing room. I chose a cute little 1.2mm titanium labret stud and he got out his gloves, clamps and the needle. I sat on the bench and I began to worry. I hadn't had a piercing for a good 6 or 7 months, and I was a lot more nervous than I have been on other piercings.

Another concern was the pain. I was convinced that this one was going to hurt much more than my Labret had done. My friend had casually mentioned in conversation once about how your upper lip has a lot of nerve endings in it, that if you hit someone correctly in that spot you can knock them out. I'm not sure whether he is right or not, but as a teen I fell up a wet half pipe trying to climb up it and hit my face on the way down. I hit my nose and the middle of my upper lip. I split my lip in a fork shaped cut, really quite deep. I wasn't sure what had happened by my friend who was there with me had thought I'd killed myself, but he told me I didn't move for a while, I'm assuming that I passed out as soon as my head hit the metal. This constantly came back into my mind as I was sitting there, thinking, my god, this is going to hurt.

He dotted my upper lip and I looked in the mirror. He'd got it spot on, exactly where I wanted it. (right in the fork of my half pipe caused scar) So I sat down and he clamped me up. I shut my eyes tight ( as I always do!) and held my boyfriends hand. I felt the needle go through my lip and though it did hurt, I don't think it hurt anymore than my labret did. All that worrying for nothing! He snipped off the end of the needle and quickly threaded through the stud. He had to clamp the stud as he screwed the teeny 3mm ball on the end but as quickly as it had started, he was done!

I jumped up and looked in the mirror. The front was perfect! I looked in my mouth and found that the bar wasn't actually straight as it entered my lip. The flat end is actually further to the right inside my mouth but the front was perfectly centred so I was happy. He told me how good he thought it looked, having my top and bottom piercings in line and I smiled, my lip sore but so happy I'd finally finished my facial piercings!

We went downstairs and I payed him, and me and my boyfriend proceeded to our local haunt for a good stiff drink!

Healing my piercings has always been tricky, I'm a bad healer and my body certainly doesn't like me putting needles through it. My medusa went a very similar way to my labret. I noticed the inside of my lip, all round the entry point there was raised skin, as if it were trying to grow up the stem of the stud and over the back. I thought about changing it to a ring to see if It would help, but I couldn't get the ball off. I went back to Ant and he loosened it up for me so I could take it out when I got home. I had decided to take it out for a few days to let it calm down. This was the only way I got my labret to heal, I took it out when I went home for Easter, not only to hide it from my mom (!) but because I was resigned to it never healing. My labret calmed down and I had told my dad how much it had cost me. He told me I shouldn't have taken it out and to try to get it back in. I managed to force it back in ( I realise this isn't a good idea and wouldn't recommend it) and it healed up just fine after that! Anyway, I took my medusa out for a few hours and after only a few hours It was difficult to get it back in. I spent a few days putting the stud in backwards, so the flat edge was on the outside, and I didn't bother putting a ball on the inside, I wanted the back to heal over, then I would slowly open the hole again. None of this messing about helped, this skin growing up the stem wasn't going away. I put my stud back in for a night out and decided if it didn't go away on its own, tough luck, I was going to have to lose it.

After a few days with the stud in again, magically the growth was going down! I couldn't believe it! My medusa is now about a month and a half old and well on its way to a full recovery. Because it was pierced slightly wonky when I smile the stud goes up and slightly to the left of my face (which is annoying, it hides behind my septum ring when I'm smiling!) But I'm sure when I get a shorter post I won't have this problem. I'm more than happy with my last piercing and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to get it.

Lets just hope I don't fall up any more half pipes, I imagine now I won't only split my lip I'll probably end up knocking my front two teeth out!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Ant
Studio: Redskin+tattoo+and+piercing
Location: Bangor%2C+North+Wales.

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