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My monroe piercing.

After several months of harassing my parents to take me to get my monroe piercing done, I finally got it done a couple of days ago. At first I wanted a lip piercing (bottom lip, left side.) But my father refused to let me do that. He said that I "would look like a heroin addict". And even though every time the answer was the same I still pestered him, constantly.

One day we were at a hockey game, and we were sitting in our seats during the period break. I turned to my dad and asked him for my lip piercing, but of course his response was the same as it had been a million times before: No. But he did tell me that I could get a little nose piercing or something small. I told him I didn't want a nose piercing, I wanted a lip piercing! He told me that I would have to wait until I was 18.

Then one day we were at a football game (there seems to be a pattern here.) I asked him if I could get a monroe piercing. He said he didn't know what that was, so I explained it to him. He still didn't quite comprehend what I was trying to explain, so when we got back to my uncle's house I showed him a picture of one on the laptop. He told me that I could get one done, it just had to be small. I agreed.

I was absolutely ecstatic.It took me a long time to finally get my parents to take me to get my monroe done, but it finally happened. On Saturday afternoon I asked them if they would take me, but my mom had a work Christmas party, but they would take me tomorrow. I couldn't wait.

Then Sunday came, and they drove me in to get my monroe done. But the Tattoo parlor where I could get it done didn't open until noon, so we went out for Chinese food first. Then we drove over to Sacred Skin, the tattoo parlor where I was going to get my monroe done. My stomach started doing little flips. (I have a HUGE fear of needles.) We walked into the parlor, the man at the counter told us that the piercer had gone over to the Dollar Store for a minute and he would be right back, so we filled out the forms while we waited. A few minutes later the piercer walked in. To be totally honest, he kind of scared me at first. He had long hair, past his shoulders. He looked like a member of a heavy metal band. He told me and my mom to follow him into a little room that was kind of tucked away.

When we got into the room he told me to have a seat. I sat down on a black bed type thing. He put on black gloves, and told me to rinse my mouth with the Listerine for thirty seconds, and then to spit it into a little cup, so I did. Then he wiped over my mouth with a weird cloth thing, it smelt weird. "I feel like I"m at the dentist" I said allowed, him and my mom both gave a little chuckle. He then marked a spot above my lip and asked if that was good. I asked him to lower it, which he did.

Then I layed down on the bed. But right before he was about to do it I freaked out. (Like I said, terrified of needles.) He took the clamps out of my mouth, and told me to take a few deep breaths. I did, He told me to close my eyes. That way I couldn't see the needle and freak out, like I did the time before. He told me to count backwards from ten, and when I got to one to make a little noise. I did, 10-9-8-7-6 I felt the needle go through, It didn't hurt one bit!

"You're done" He said to me, reaching for the jewelery. I opened my eyes, he put the jewelery on, and wiped off the blood with a Q-tip. "Did it hurt?" My mom asked. "It didn't hurt it just felt really strange" I said. Josh told me to rinse again, so I did. He said that I barely bled at all, and told me that some people bled like you wouldn't believe. We went out into the main area, and paid Josh. "It feels so weird" I said to my mom. The guy at the counter told me that I would get used to it. "No, Really?" I thought to myself, but I didn't say anything.

If your thinking of getting a piercing I would highly recommend a monroe. They barely hurt, a lot less than you would think. And they are really quite nice, and fairly easy to take care of.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Josh
Studio: Sacred+Skin
Location: Lethbridge+Alberta

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