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'Does it look good?'

At the age of 11 my outlook on music changed totally, and with some of the bands I'd started listening to, I became a lot more aware of piercings and body modification in general. Almost instantly, I took a liking to lip piercings in particular. With my Mam not being very keen on me 'messing' my body up in this way, I realized I'd have to wait it out, until I became 16. During this time I became a lot more interested in ideas, often finding out new things everyday. I was totally in love with the thought of being able to change my appearance and the way I saw myself, and a few months after I turned 13, decided to stretch my lobe piercings.

Anyway. Sometime during being 13, we were wandering around Whitby, and we walked past a piercing and tattoo shop. Jokingly, and attempting to push my luck at the same time, I asked my Mam to take me to get my lip pierced. To my surprise, she replied with a yes, and no more was said about it. But by this point we'd still carried on walking and missed the studio. I spent the rest of the day attempting to pluck up the courage to go back. Unfortunately it didn't happen, and by the time we'd gone back to the shop, it was closed.

I went home quite disappointed, and excited. But at the same time, annoyed at myself for taking so long to think about it. The next day me and my Mam went into town to take a look round our local piercing studios. They were all quite familiar - as I said before, I loved modification and generally looking round - but out of the ones we tried, none of them would pierce me without proof I was 16. So once again, a disappointing and moody trip home. Some of my friends had piercings though, and I found out about another shop that would, with permission from a parent. The next day me and my Step Dad took a bus into town and to Scorpio's.

At first glance the shop seemed slightly intimidating, being rather small, with one door leading to the piercing/tattoo rooms, chairs and a single cabinet filled with jewellery. Tattoo flash covered the walls and I took a quick look while we were waiting for someone. Soon enough, young man came through the door, took down my details and got my Step Dad to sign, and before I knew it, I was in the piercing chair. I don't remember his name but he seemed a nice enough man and made sure to ask me about any questions I had, and calmed my nerves slightly, as at this point I had a great little feeling in my stomach. After already washing his hands and putting his gloves on, he cleaned the area and we marked up. It was only a fraction from where I wanted it but I didn't want to ask him to move it, you know, being awkward and all. So we were fine to go.

He clamped my lip, (which to my surprise was not bad or uncomfortable at all, contrary to what many people say) and went through the '3 deep breaths, on the last exhale, I'll pierce'. There was no pain, just a great rush. As I saw this needle in front of my face, it suddenly made me happy, and glad that I'd gone through with it. He threaded the jewellery through, which wasn't bad either. He went through the aftercare instructions carefully, making sure that I'd remember, as a lot of people are generally a bit too excited and end up forgetting everything before they get out of the shop. I took a look, and he gave me a tissue just to control the very very slight bleeding. I paid, and I was on my way.

When we got outside, it was an instant 'DOES IT LOOK GOOD?' and a few too many glances in the mirror. We wandered round town for a bit, then eventually went home. Eating for the next few days was tricky, things like soup helped, despite the fact it got it everywhere. But I kept it clean, and took care of it. I couldn't wait 'till I could buy all the nice jewellery for it, there was so much to choose from! I dreaded the fact I'd have to change it to a retainer in a few weeks for school.

But that was a few months ago, and at this point, I'm still really happy with my piercing. I can't wait to add to it. And yes I know, some of you probably don't think the idea of getting a facial piercing at the age of 13 is right, but I'm happy, my Mam's happy, and the studio were happy to do it. I don't think there should be an age limit on how you chose to look.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Don%27t+remember
Studio: Scorpio%27s
Location: Middlesbrough

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